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Man Run community · Created a new topic NIce

Like it :-)

Love this game, thanks for posting.

Cool. I've jut checked out Gdevelop.. looks fun. 

Excellent game :-)

Love it :-)

Love It. But then again I'm an archer.  Somes option and thoughts. Dare I say larger screen but smaller archers, really see those arrow loose and fly. Objects inbeteen now and again. MAyby a bit worms like with Arrows :-)  Might have a look at GoDot.  Great work BTW.  HEad Shot ;-) x2 Kill ;-)


Awesome :-) this is really good :-)

lenny Lagoon 32.10

Sublime.  One thing, when you lift of the throttle....mayby coast a bit more. Slows to quick. Reminds me of Rally Speedway on the Atary 8bit. Nice.

Sublime.  Just love it. Probably play later today as I ran out of game time. Did'nt want to leave the game.  Is there a way to get a bigger map ? Super.

Sweet :-)

Love it, ever thought of an archery version :-)

This is brilliant :-)

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This is really good. Love it :-) Browser version would be cool. I remember floppies :-)

Nice :-)

This is nice. Wants kewl trailing skid marks.  Also, the deceleration is to  quick for attempting a slide around the corners.  Very nice game so far :-)

Great. Trippy lights :-)

Superb game. Still on  level one.  Sometimes ball  gets into a infinate bounce across the screen. A restart of "game" would be useful, like tennis. :-)

Loveit.  Level editor would be ace.

Very nice :)


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This game is great . I have been looking for a Mortar Sim/Game for ages and this has popped up.

Things I would like to see or be considered for a bit of fun.

Missile Cam

Angle display and rotation display. eg 45% at 180 bearing.

Destructive landscape at target (like Worms)

Loading the bomb down the canon needs to be slightly easier, mayby a quick key near the tube ?

Quick training option to disable AI computer opponant. Bit tricky at first.

The physics engine would make a great archey game.

and Wind + other weather.

Super game so far.

Superb :-)

Great game :-)

Great stuff. On my keyboard the 8 generates a * not an apostrophe.

Cheeky export to a txt file would be nice :-) and a spell checker.... hang on thats word.

Anyway TXT output would be nice.

Great. Played it through a couple of times.

Check out the game OIDs on the Atari ST. 

Your thrust type engine and OID ideals, collecting men, repulsers, attractors, cannons etc.

Landing could do with bit more slower speed, too  fast and die.

It would look so good.

Great work, hope you take it further.

Love it :) Snake Pliskin Rules :-)

and Zombies ;-)  one of dots the user could take control of and try to survive..... plus guns.  Like a top down shooter with infected running around.

Still great stuff.


This is great and very visual. 

What would be awesome if yuo could add objects (building footprints, corridors etc.) and see how the simulatio pansout.

Supermarket Sweep meets Covid19.

The program so far has really help people visuallise the importance of self isolation.

Well done.

Great game. Is there keyboard command for directing the ship ?  Is there an editor ?

Great fun :-)

Supurb. Caught the boy as well :-)


255m so far

Just silly. Love it :-)

Great game :-)

Great fun :-) Nice game.

Very nice :-)

Great game.