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and Zombies ;-)  one of dots the user could take control of and try to survive..... plus guns.  Like a top down shooter with infected running around.

Still great stuff.


This is great and very visual. 

What would be awesome if yuo could add objects (building footprints, corridors etc.) and see how the simulatio pansout.

Supermarket Sweep meets Covid19.

The program so far has really help people visuallise the importance of self isolation.

Well done.

Great game. Is there keyboard command for directing the ship ?  Is there an editor ?

Great fun :-)

Supurb. Caught the boy as well :-)


255m so far

Just silly. Love it :-)

Great game :-)

Great fun :-) Nice game.

Very nice :-)

Great game.


Nice.  Could be a little more forgiving in places. Take a couple of knocks and roll on.

Ace :-)

Best game of 2019 :-)  Nailed that brick :-)

When is Brick2 being released ?

Very nice :-) 26Dec2019

Great game. As Thoof said one key toggle would be fine.

Great game.

Great :-)

Nice Game

Trainer for fighter pilots :-)

Score 21

Awesome game. Flys and handles perfectly.

Like the crash sequence of the ship.

Add a blaster and collect men like Atari ST OIDS.  It would be the dogs b ;-)

ps is there zombies in this version ?

Great physics.

Would make a great basis for a field archery game. Or golf ? or even a Worms type games :-)


Turn 27

Great game, made my hand ache :-)

Brilliant game. Pirate version next :-)

I like it :-)