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great game! hahh i wish i couldve gotten 100,000 however, but it was fun trying!

This game is excruciatingly long. It's fun once you get to know the controls, but the gameplay can be explained easier.  Day One was already a struggle as is, so to know the game goes on forever is a bit overwhelming. Can't wait for the next project!

Great! This game was certainly challenging and has replayability. I managed to get all of the characters to safety. However i wish the characters had story or a bit of dialogue like the first encounter. And maybe a reaction too. Other than that, it a great puzzle game!

This game is really good! it gives tetris vibes in a new format! Fun.

The game is certainly challenging. Make one wrong option and back to the beginning you go. I wish there was a checkpoint system or safe rooms. (along those lines) the game is very atmospheric however, when you die the screen turns black and you hear horrifying sounds, i wish there was something more like image. But the game is really good! The puzzles are challenging (but can be solve) and the game gives you good world building. Good Job! 

i ended the world for my good doggo boi... 

(great game btw so cute and love the simple art style, wonder what you'll make in the future!)

ok this is weird, but i also liked how you used your "head" in the game. (get it?) Anyways, i really still look forward to your projects. i gave you a follow :D

Hey! This is the second game I'm playing from you! This one is ok. I actually like the music and the art is humorous and I felt so pressured. It was fun! However the replayability is not really there sadly. :(    BUT the game has a certain charm, although I don't know what you'll be making next, I look forward to it. ;)

Hello! just checking in on this game, and I still have hope for this game, please keep updating! :>

This is really good! Especially good for first game!I even explored every dialogue. While i don't know what type of games you'll be making in the future but i'll be sticking around for good.

Jeez, the ending through me off. Fun mini adventure and great art!

This game is good! It's challenging and it you don't need to be genius to find out the problem but it still can be difficult. (which is what you want in point-and-click puzzles) I definitely look forward to future updates.

Hopefully you update soon, can't wait for this new PSX horror game. Definitely sticking around. 

I'm really sorry for saying this, but i feel like you're overreacting...

It's really good. I can't find the third ending however. It's well scripted and it has some great dialogue. Well done!  

I love it! It really sets up the atmosphere and it's great. I couldn't find the last 3 things, i think. The story and gameplay is amazing. Thank you for this game. <3

Glad I got all time pieces! Cute, fun game. :)

Wow this is amazing! It's great how much the feedback helped! I'll try to be more active with the game since I was going through things but I'm back on track with things. Can't wait for the future!

This is pretty fun! However there is a glitch where the you see the mirrored pamphlet there is no way to continue. Other than that the this is a really good C.Y.O.A game!

The little things count! Little by little this game will be perfect.

Also one more thing. I really appreciate your concern in making the game the best it could be. It honestly makes me happy to see developers care about concerns with the game while putting there vision in it. I will definitely stick around to see how far you go with this project! Sorry for being sappy.

I'll be happy too! The only difficult combo is probably Snake Fang. So when you try to perform the combo it registers as a Snake Strike or Snake Bites automatically.        So maybe if there was a delay to register to combos/attacks it would help? (1 second delay or more.) It would be nice for fast gameplay while making complex combos like I see in the game but it registers attacks and combos and little too early. I hope this helps! :) sorry for wall of text lol.

Hello! This game is honestly amazing! However making combos is very difficult on keyboard since it registers the start of the combo as an attack... if this was fixed, the gameplay would drastically improve (on keyboard), Console wise this game is perfect. Sometimes the AI for the enemies is wonky but most of the time the game works really well. Love the aesthetic, the weird nostalgia and the new gameplay format. Keep it up! :D