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Thanks! Just uploaded V1.0 with more content!


Thanks for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed the game :)

Early builds were super sproingy! I had to increase gravity and spring strength by an order of magnitude due to making everything far too big. Glad you enjoyed the game!

Wow ! I made sure it was possible to get the capsules but it was a real challenge. Glad you enjoyed the game!

Awesome game! The music is really great :)

I just barely managed to get the tech ending. I really liked the game, you did a great job with the atmosphere!

Here's a link to the PIGSquad Community page, it has links to their discord, slack, twitter, etc

Thank you for playing! Part way through the jam I discovered it wasn't required to be able to hear the frequency but it certainly helps at the end when closing in on the target frequency.

Loved the graphics and music! I liked that the controls screen shows you the obstacles each action is used against, It might be nice to show this screen when you play for the first time. Pressing up to jump while on the ceiling was very difficult for me to get the hang of. I feel like flipping the controls when you are the ceiling would be much more intuitive.

Really good idea with going through holes to progress to the next level! Very fun and great music!

Love it!

Really cute and I loved the music! Had to reload once to get the controls to work.

Bengan did the art for the game, I think it all came out really great! Thank you for playing!

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The enemies will be hurt by traps but they just hinder the player. Ran out of time before we could have the player pick up items automatically. Thank you playing! :)

Yeah, that sounds great! I've uploaded a readme file that includes the description as well as some licensing information. Good luck!

Thank you for making a game I can enjoy on my phone :) It is really fun, has a nice level of difficulty, and looks awesome! 5 stars :)