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renpy stores saves both in <user profile>/appdata/roaming/renpy/<game name> and <game folder>/game/saves, (appdata is in priority when loading). you need to delete both if you want to reset the game

That's some cool floorplanning approach! I love when game environments feels like some genuine physical place, not just random decorations (and game does actually give that feeling). Unfortunately not many creators care about it.

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Cute! Something tells me this is also a yearly thing they do, like in snow globe :D

My ruler matched me with old ugly rich guy because that's what rich people always do for money/power reasons... though nope, it was a sweet young girl - no sexuality/core values/etc fundamental incompatibility, looks 8/10 (in ugly clothing), can we become close and come liking each other a bit while enjoying our lovely honeymoon journey among stars or is it completely impossible? i dunno but i dont mind this kind of evil tyrrany tbh😅

Jokes aside, it was enjoyable journey, all characters were very sweet and colorful. I recommend :)

That was so damn sweet and good. thank you for making it :)

The story was good, i really love this kind of style and vibes. A comforting moody read with multiple sweet moments is what i need :D

I like the episode when fate literally drops a boyfriend on mc's head during his moment of loneliness and despair. but so shame it doesn't work like that in real life...

Thank you for making this healing story!

that was enjoyable story, cute and well written. i like these characters, they gently treat each other despite the bullying thing. the jokes work well within the story without making it overly comedic and i like that consent thing really matters despite what title pic could possible suggest :)

Fun little story! I'm a bit of a Finn too, just not by blood xD

thanks for the stories! i didn't watched any of the referenced movies but i like the relationships they're really sweet and love wins each time :D

super cute and atmospheric, i wanna sequel :)

oh, i'm happy to see akaao shoutout, i love these games super super lots. and i'll check soundless for sure. btw i noticed the onsen where mana stopped reminds the inn from akaiito. i wonder is it reference or just a coincidence :D

Free visual novel but the quality surpasses many payed ones.

evokes nostalgic feelings about awesome japanese vns like Akai Ito :D

i really enjoyed the games from both Jane Titor and Ronove. you two have a talent for making stories poetic and touchy. i really hope for more :D

L-Liberation! Not much story in this one unfortunately. Writing is your strong point imho. Nice little game though.