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My joiplay keeps crashing when I'm fighting the goblin shaman with vulsha I don't know if this a game then or joiplay thing cause that's the only time it does.

Man I came for horny and left with feels 馃様

Team CBLT communityCreated a new topic Amazing game

Honestly the game is amazing it has its own path and things from jpde which is my favorite visual novel and tbh it was like replaying it for the first time and I just had a big smile on my face the entire time so thank you dev for giving me that and I hope you continue with game


I think jpde is way better than the show

How do you start the winter route? Like I'm confused

Probably don't need it now I played through the entire game it was pretty good enjoyed it and hope that this route of sable's grimoire gets expanded

Hey uh I got an error while trying to start the game and I'm on android

I honestly loved the game and I hope they make sequel to it because it's honestly a beautiful game and I loved playing it even though sometimes made me mad like the pyrrha fight was a little luck based it's an amazing game I hope there is more to come