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Mobile version anytime? Can't imagine how good it might be to play it on the go (my hands will be sweaty for sure)

bruh what?


9/10 dev support :)

question: Is there a way to get rid of the 2 black bars on the right and left when playing fullscreen with a 16:9 aspect ratio?

I am playing at 1366x768 


Now this is quality content thanks osfe.

I have got a mission saying "pay off dukes debt" where i have to drop 500 scrap at stevens farm but i cant find a way to do so i looked for videos where they finish that mission but got some random tutorials on how to pay off debt

Nice game indeed. I like the platforming and i like the concept of making it more and more complicated. Could do with some bug fixes:
First bug: The jump, this is probably the buggiest 0f all mechanics. Sometimes when you are jumping from platform to platform your character goes into a standby looking sprite and just doesnt really do anything. This is really frustrating as i had to keep re starting a certain part over and over again as my bot would refuse to jump.
Second bug: This is also a jump bug (i guess that mechanic is a bit buggy) If you didnt know you can press the up arrow the w key (or any other key that is binded to jump) and press it at the same time to achieve a LONG JUMP. If you are able to do 3 (like me) you can completely skip that part where you go up plat forms and press a button that opens a door. This bug? DO NOT DESTROY (this is my opinion alright?) KEEP IT. Make features with it. Say you have multiple jump modules and you can use all 5 to jump super high (w, up arrow, space, LShift, RShitft)

well i really enjoyed the clicker but at the end it glitched and wouldnt let me start another heist so uh yeah


A very nice game to play. Play time pretty short tho because there isnt much to do.

This game is a lot like OSFE which is another game like this inspired by the mega man battle network series. Try to add a small campaign. Got to say i feel bad for the small amount of attention you are getting

thats exactly what i ment i didnt understand a single crap

And thats why i am going to fail maths

i regret speech

i know this is 2 years old but dont try pulling shit like this on developers

Yeah its a great game. Try the sandbox if it overwhelms you.

You can change the settings and you can turn it into survival but without waves so you can focus just on making the best factory!

Also there will tech tree spoilers in the game so i recommend playing a good chunk of the game first before trying sandbox.

maybe shouldnt have asked that. Kinda spoiled the game but its ok

Idk why but i just see something in this game its really good.This game could become big! With multiplayer or lan and the steam release would be nice.

yeah i understand. I am waiting for non-participants to be able to vote on the ludum dare

Nice game and beutiful soundtrack

For ludum dare this is outstanding!

and at one point the guy says "konw"

I love the movement this game and thats the least

A very nice game indeed but at the beginning i was mislead when it said "w" for jump

take a potato

Wait nvm

nice and short

bought it the day you replied

hmm are containers unlocked in the tech tree?

What are the build materials?

yeah i said i bought it:

if you look in my games you will find mindustry, I played like 69 minutes. Nice


i supported the game i guess. I would love this game on steam. its so good.

Probably the best game i have ever played. I absolutely adore it! The game is free and has literally no micro transactions. You are a great person. Have a nice day!

If you ever feel like making it p2p. DO IT.

If you ever feel like putting on steam. DO IT. 

if you had a bluescreen and were still able to make something like this you are just something else better than a human