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Thank you so much! We hope you're staying safe as well! Quarantine life has us shockingly productive!

Yeah, I've realized our last dev update was in November 😅 We fell behind schedule in December and made a post about it on our other sites, but forgot about the actual game page...

Thank you so much for pointing out some typos! They're very hard to catch in this stage of development since they've gotten so small. We'll make sure to fix them and patch it out again when we get them all!

You're welcome! We're proud to bring everyone some lovely lesbians to woo for some wholesome romance <3 !

An error was brought to our attention regarding Alice’s pajama sprites not being found. This has now been fixed and the file has been re-uploaded to itch. If anyone encounters any other errors while playing the patch, please tell us so that we may fix them as soon as possible!

Thank you so much! We're sure you'll love the full version. We're striving to make it Super Gay

Thank you so much! We're glad that you enjoyed it! It's fun to know who you're favorites are at the moment, and we're sure that you'll enjoy their routes in the full game! 😊