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lookit i did a glitch!!

this was fun :D

also, great title screen, it pretty ;0

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cool game! i liked the concepts :)

some glitches:

  • jumping never refreshes unless the cube has a platform directly below its center 
    • biggest thing that needs fixing imo
  • cube can bypass the level boundaries if pressing against side and switching to 2d
  • cube can land on top of level boundaries using the last method or by reaching high enough and pressing against the edge of the screen
    • this allows you cheese most levels
  • spamming tab can cause the camera to be in orthographic mode in 3d and perspective mode in 2d
  • some weird shadows
  • cubes occasionally fall through the platform they're standing on when switching to 2d
  • if cube A is in front of a platform 1 and cube B is active when switching to 2d, cube B can't touch platform 1 until it leaves the area in front of it, when platform 1 moves forward
  • the platform that moves directly up and down will squish the two cubes together if they are stacked under it

of course you don't have to fix all/any of these, just wanted to create a log of ones i found as a QA Master™ :P

cool game :)

Things i'd like to see:

  • pause menu
  • an easier level to learn how to use 4, 6,  8 fingers
  • feedback on how accurately you hit the note

the zoom function is a bit buggy, but this is probably turing-complete

This is a pretty fun game to sit down and play for a half-hour or so! That said, I was growing my ridiculous-looking tree (I grew a zillion branches off of the same area) and I grew a new root, and it crashed. Here's the error message:


roots/buttons.lua:157: attempt to index a nil value


roots/buttons.lua:157: in function <roots/buttons.lua:146>
nx/game/actor.lua:256: in function 'callForAllComponents'
nx/game/actor.lua:211: in function 'onMousePress'
nx/game/scene.lua:336: in function 'onMousePress'
nx/scene-layers.lua:28: in function 'onMousePress'
nx/input.lua:8: in function <nx/input.lua:6>
[C]: in function 'xpcall'

Not sure why that happened but it was going well before that.