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This looks great! The art design is beautiful and it has  a great atmosphere. It feels like a teaser for a much bigger game. Congratulations!

Same here. Couldn't make it very far. There's promise here though - I think the visuals look great. Maybe think of doing a bug fix for the jumping?

I only just got around to doing this and I've added the link in the description. Thanks for the tip! It's good to know what most people prefer to use. I was using BitBucket because I happened to stumble upon a good setup tutorial for it.

Haha, yep, that's what you do.

Thanks for playing and keep up the good work. Glad you had fun!

Thanks everyone for the feedback so far. I've updated the page to show 'Unfinished'. Unfortunately I ran out of time to properly flesh out the plot and gameplay interactions. Instead, this is an intro and a hasty ending with a temporary middle sequence to link them.

Thanks for the review, Jupi!

Thanks Effigy13. I've noticed that it appears brighter on some monitors so the flashlight becomes redundant. In the future I might consider adding a brightness slider or something. Just curious, how far did you get? I've also noticed people tend to get lost on the island because there aren't enough unique landmarks (mostly due to time constraints).

This is a really nice little platformer. The introduction gave context to the characters and settings and the research you'd done on Finnish folk tunes showed through in the soundtrack. The arrows as platforms was a nice mechanic too. Well done!

This started off quite interesting but overall I found it far too easy and got bored of button-mashing my way around by the time I got to Forwood. I was curious to see if it got harder, but my hand was getting sore!

Having said that, I did enjoy the premise and the artwork, so I had fun at the start. The difficulty curve was just far too shallow to hold my interest.

First, I really like what you've done with the visuals. I love the fog effect and all the art is really nice. A few negatives: I kept getting stuck on the terrain geometry or hitting invisible walls which was frustrating. The trees also pop in from a fairly short distance which was distracting. Also, the enemies were pretty basic and just seemed to be stuck on rails so it wasn't a particular scary experience. Overall, I had fun though, and I really liked the overall ambience and graphic style.

(On an additional note, my submission also deals with monsters in a forest using Unity, so if you get a chance to check it out I'd love to compare notes!)

Off to a good start! You're really nailing setting the mood via the sound and lighting. It left me wanting more! I'm really looking forward to seeing how this game progresses, so keep at it!

Love the combination of 3D graphics and GB-style monochrome pixel graphics. Not really a horror game, but it still has a nice atmosphere and is a good example of a room-escape puzzle game.

Hey agwoodliffe, thanks for the feedback :)

You're correct, most of the sound effects are from freesound. The scream letting you know you've been spotted is particularly blood-curdling I think!

It's an interesting idea starting during the day and slowly revealing the creatures to the player. The main reason I avoided this was I wanted to drop the player straight into the game and getting scared as soon as possible! However, one of the big problems I've noticed is how difficult to navigate the island can be. Allowing the player to first orientate themselves during daylight would certainly help.

Thanks again :)

I had mostly focused on Viking mythology and architecture. I was aiming to have it set around 1100AD, during the Christianisation of Scandinavia, but unfortunately I didn't have time to weave those themes into the game.

Also, well done on your submission :). I left more feedback on the submission page, but I really enjoyed it!

Ha! I love that we both used such similar time periods and locations! (My submission was primarily for HalloweenJam, but I tried to make the Viking longhouses and ring fort as realistic as possible.)

Don't worry, I just played your game and loved it! It's short, but there's plenty to enjoy about what's there. It perfectly captures that feeling of not wanting to open the door, but knowing you have to go through it.

Thank you! I had trouble making out the house against the background so I never actually noticed it was there. (I don't know if they're actually close to the same colour or not - I'm colour-blind!)

Again, this is a great, simple little design. Very creepy! Puts me on edge the whole time!

The terrifying moment you realise the trees are moving is a really excellent! I had to turn the audio right down though. It's pretty harsh and doesn't offer a lot in the way of feedback anyway. My main question is, what do I do once I've collected enough flowers? I can't find any sort of exit and I just end up dying every time.

Don't worry, I did the same. As soon as I had something playable. (It's not yet what you'd call a 'game')