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Missing a Steam Deck icon. :p

I'm hungry now...

Love it! Wish more asset artists would build recreations of the RTP in their own styles so the rest of their sets fit in more naturally. It’s always kinda sad when you find an awesome tile set but it doesn’t match anything you use. I look forward to the continued development!

Another 20 amazing animations, and I see some potential to break a few of these up as well for some more simple animations to expand it even further depending on a projects needs. Real nice.


These are absolutely amazing. And as much as my bank account hates my impulse buying, I can't complain about the cost, $1 per animation is more than fair for the quality. I can't wait to see your next release!

Well, luckily for those of you deciding to stick with MV, the maker has stated it is perfectly fine to render the animations as sprite sheets, those sprite sheets are of course bound by the same agreements in the license for the animations themselves. So MV users can still use them, you just have to put a little more work into getting them into your game. :D

Really liking the style of your icons.

Thank you! :3

anyone struggling in this area, has a lot of sounds you can use, many with the CC0 license. :)

"This plugin is free to use for commercial or non-commercial projects." I would personally change the wording of this in your description. As well as the whole terms of use in general, to be more precise. At least in it's granting of permissions of use, and restrictions of distribution. Such as the resources you can buy and download off the steam store and official website, they make specific statements as to the handling of the resources. Such as projects using it should be encrypted before they are to be sold or otherwise distributed. As it stands with your wording technically arguments could be made that you barred all forms of distribution of the plugin, including as part of a project. Kind of nit-picky to be fair, but it's good to be more specific rather than vague when it comes to terms of service documents, and licensing statements.

oops lol