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Woo it's back!

And with new title it looks like

I legit feel kinda bad for hanging out with anybody other than Mikko, the way the VN is written right now, he's the one friend you already have and you're going around, talking to all the other people you don't know.

Hope the game won't punish you (too much?) for that, or at least let you to choose someone else's route while still letting you talk to him from time to time.


The tone of the previous update sounded kinda worrying, glad you're ok and the project is not dead forever, looking forward to more updates

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Boy am I glad I looked around this site instead of just downloading the one thing I've been linked to, otherwise I would've missed this gem. Seriously, the dialogues sound natural, the art is nice (plus the animations that give it more life!) and it even got a couple of laughs from me, hope the quality keeps this level to the end.