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Pic2Jelly community · Created a new topic A suggestion/idea

I thought of something that would be very neat to have, and that would be being available to copy/paste an image into the program without going to the whole downloading progress. A small function like that could be really useful.

Now it works perfectly, thank you.

Don't have them, so I will hope it can be fixed

The zoom still doesn't work, only to zoom out and not actually zoom. But everything else works well

Yeah, soft and full body work but not when two softs or two full body overlap. And thanks again.

Another two problems I found. If two of the same effect (soft/full body, etc.) touch/overlap. one of them will turn black/cut one of the effects and stop loading the image. The talking doesn't work either, and I used wavs.

Thanks for hearing me out.

So far, I only had several problems with it. For example, poke/grab don't work. And can't zoom since my mouse doesn't have a normal scroll (having the option to change the zoom would be nice). 

Thank you. I wanted to suggest that there should be a way to do it with the keyboard instead with the scroll

Pic2Jelly community · Created a new topic Camara trackpoint

The camara doesn't work with the laptop's trackpoint, isn't there a way to change it?