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absolutely !!  thank you so much

I cant even describe how much i love this game and everything about it! it is absolutely incredible and i wish i could help and donate but i cant wait to see this game finished !! everyone did and absolutely stunning job with this! 

really fun to play! thank you for making it

the game and the music is so wonderful!! thank you for all the effort that was put into it 

i cant wait to see what you make next if you make more games in the future! theyre really fun!!

i love these so much!!

now one of my new favorite games

maybe clear cache on your browser ? im using chrome and it runs smooth on mine ! or maybe the problem is with wifi

sounds insane and i wanna try

you need to click download then you can choose to pay for the game or just take the download

i love this so much! thank you for making it

to whoever made this: thank you for making this.

chapter two is avilable on their page! i think this could help?

what happened???