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Hi, I saw your post at:
I booted up the game, went through the intro sequence, grabbed a key, tossed it through a fence, so I think I ruined my chance of going into the "Classic" door. So instead I went into the Unneccesary door. Since I felt like I moved far too slowly, I restarted and just picked the Exhibition door instead.
I made it to the first level and fell off pretty soon. I was hoping something would kill me so I could respawn quickly back where I was but I restarted instead. Whilst I appreciate that there was an artistic vision behind what was going on, I don't know if I have the patience for a game that feels like this. If this is your first game its pretty interesting, but I found the movement to feel slow and awkward, and sprinting felt strange too. Likely guess is that the velocity is increased by a linear amount, and doesn't have a ramp-up and ramp-down. I also noticed a lot of Z-fighting with objects (not sure if intentional).
I also don't get the theme or "purpose" of the game, is it trying to be dreamlike-surreal-exploration sort of game? Those might not be my cup of tea but its interesting. Also the menu buttons run away from me! They scroll down and I can lose them.
I don't mean to be harsh, so don't take this criticism personally, keep making games!

Nice game! I love the art and all the aussie culture references.

Usage of the assets in 3D is always an extra bonus. I was really surprised that the skeleton had such upbeat music!

Yeah this game won't load, for a Godot project you need the .pck file

Music was nice and fitted the theme of the game.

I probably didn't remember the info on the starting description but:

  • Initially I thought that the stuff I was buying was for myself
  • I didn't realize I was supposed to shoot the red cars, initially I shot the white ones
  • Without writing it down its hard to remember what I paid for items