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RedFusion Design

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It is the Unity Universal Build which I assumed (cause it has the logos of the operating systems) to be usable. Changed the flag to only Windows and will provide the correct builds later today. Sorry

Thanks for the feedback, glad you liked it!

You can change the (out of) controls for Interact and Dash in the options menu

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Because a lot of people seam to be stuck at various stages, here is a map of all recepies and connections (excluding some Recepies with the same result). 

--------------------- WARNING: SPOILER ---------------------

how do i get that ring? I feel like i tried every combination out there and dont get it

That was my first reaction to. How someone can make something so polished, so appealing and so other-worldly creative in this short Time. It is normal here to be blown away by amazement.

Well, there is a way to win, so try again

Very sneaky indeed

A short, but very fun gae. I enjoyed it a lot. Also, thanks for that Developer Commentary, made the game so much more interesting

This is quite a beatutiful game. It is a bit hard sometimes though.

Thank you for the nice feedback. As the musics guy, i`m quite happy that the sound worked. Good luck with finishing the game (Its quite hard sometimes, i admit)

I really apprechiate the detailed feedback. I will change the music to make the experience a bit better, i noticed dome flaws there ro. This is an error on my part and I would like to excuse me for that.

But a change in music would be quite a big change to the game, wich is not allowed if this game should be in GYMNHT ("Games you might not have Tried"). As soon as we are again allowed to make changes, ill do.

Again, thank you for the detailled Information and Game Feedback, 

RedFusion Design

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As the "Sound guy" on the project, i really want to get nice Music/Sound for everyone. 

I would like if you could tell me what you didnt like, so i might do something about it.

Thank you for the honest Feedback, RedFusion Design

I hope you liked the game we made, eventhough its not the most lightthemed. We had lots of fun in developement and i hope you will have fun while playing. Have fun!

How could they!

Cant open it, The Windows Defender kills it every time i try

Cant open the .exe, cause Windows Defender thinks it is a "Security-Thread" and refuses to start it. 

I like the game a lot, but its imposseable to manage more than 2 mecanics at the same time

I dont know. Its just text, nothing else. Like  VN, but without options. You literally just press space

I hope the music is not to bad.