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Re:Turn - One Way Trip is currently in development and expected to be released in Q2 2019. More info will be announced later.

Thanks ! We really appreciate it, this means a lot to us ! Glad you like our game, please do look forward for the update :)

Thanks for your kind feedback, glad you enjoyed it ! 
Please look forward to our update :D

Thanks for your kind feedback ! Glad you enjoyed it :D

And thanks for the report about the glitch, we will look into it. 

Thank you for your kind feedback, glad you enjoyed it  ! For now, we can't say anything yet about price and when the full version is released as we are still in development. Please do look out for new updates :)  

Thanks for pointing out the American English and British English in the box code puzzle, the English definitely will have to be improved.  Appreciate your feedback :)

Hey vargonz! Sure, no problem :)

Hi Aceldemia, Unfortunately yes, there is a bug in the save system. It does overwrite the file but it does not update the time and date when the game is overwritten, sorry. We will be working on fixing this. Thanks for playing our game !

Thanks for playing our game ! Yes, the dialogue is... still need a lot of improvement ><  but we hope you still enjoy the ride. 
Looking forward to your next part :D

Thank you for playing our game, please Feel free to give us any feedback. hope you enjoy it :D

Thanks :D 

Sorry we can't promise any date yet, but will be sure to announce any update :)

Hey Zmads,

Thanks a lot for your detailed feedback, we really appreciate it. It's precisely these kind of feedback that we are looking for to improve the game,  feel free to comment if you have more. Please look forward to the update :)

Thanks a lot for your kind word, please do look forward to the updates  :) no problem on let's play series, actually we have to thank YOU for helping us sharing the game