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is there a walkthrough for the endings?

is there a walkthrough for this game's endings?

is the full game out? is there a walkthrough for different endings?

are there walkthroughs available for each ending?

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I really loved this game!! The whole game felt so cozy and the chemistry between Azram and the MC was really natural and fun <3 hope to see more soon

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I adore this game!! I LOVED Ray's, Lawrence's and Edgar's routes!!!  (The secret ending ahhhhh)) Looking forward to future games and re-playing this soon :)) Thank you so much for creating this!!!

I  loved this sm!!!!!!!!(The detailed  game mechanics of working on the 'tasks' and signing the contract was a great touch!) I am secretly hoping for a Briar routeeee<3

he's adorable!! I cant wait for more chapters and updatesss :))

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OMG I LOVE THIS GAME WITH MY WHOLE HEART-smiling through it all!!!!!!!!!!! please make more games like thisss

is there a guide/walthrough for all the routes ?? if so where can I find it

hi! are there guides/walkthroughs for each love interest's good endings???if so, where could I find them? :))

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new player here! a couple of questions

- is there a spoiler free guide on how to get good endings for each love interest? or tips that tell you what to keep in mind for a good ending?

-when will the next installment of the game become available ?and what would the timeline look like for the entire game to be published? 

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hey just wanted to let you know while i was playing the game ,in the paradox spot the peculiar objects game the favourite food option was swapped  (burger in galvin's route and flan in lonan's) also id love to see a route for ivar!!

the way this game has my heart in a chokehold- plsss make it longer

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okay, I've read/watched/played/consumed a shit ton of romance content and this by far has my WHOLE FREAKIN HEART- I loved loved loved the premise (discord love ooo) with really cute and funny love interests and friends hello?? I NEED more blooming panic content to come out or I will spontaneously combust!!!

I also am sooo happy to see more online love set up's as well- makes lil ol teenage me who fell hard and fast on discord for ppl who made me laugh all giddy inside