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wild ride.

mmmyes cute, as is the.. kinda-sequel? the otherwith the bug pals!

Short demo, but certainly gets one's attention!

No commentary vid? You're alright.


will Speedbuggy, the cartoon crime-solving dune buggy be making an appearance. ⁉️

works on my mobile, but dark text over dark textbox made for impossible reading when mc wakes

It work on my phone, and up to date android runnin' one. What doesn't work is the resolution. For whatever reason it always swaps the screen to portrait: too wide. Doesn't rotate or load-into landscape.

soclose lol

Updated 20 days after you asked, if you missed that. Hope!

awwww i recall an older demo totally worked mobile amd no such luck now


is this a static story or are there splits? thanks in advance

try a different browser to download it?

thank you for giving this some love!

you got it set to allow ap downloads that aren't from the playstore?

great update, and great story as usual!

could use a pass by an editor-inclined pal or so, if you can wrangle any. Nothing massive, grammar, inconsistancies, the odd typo. doesnt ruin the experience though.

;-; so sweet. the social anxiety beasts are too real

wow. I was gonna play this too. I mean not now... thanks for the spoiler warning. fuck me, right?

Godspeed, author-sama...

that's fair. but as a player i feel like it was a bit silly on an abrupt false end when the game seems to very-much not be the type. you could raise the stakes into a situation where the clear choice is like.. handcuffs or worse? leaves the bpc making that choice, and leaves it in a plausable place for "well I've come THIS far may as well keep truckin. I'll stop backseat writing now lol, your stuff is great i am just critiqing nitpicking 👌 thanks for sharing your stuff with us

(1 edit)

lil weird using a great, yet very not yet finished, game to plug another.

just like my opinion though🤔

Love the extra art like... goood stuff, and if you don't go back and make it what you want i hope we see the gang in a future game~

you might wanna put future announcements like this into like... update posts. easy to miss otherwise!

ok i know popful mail when i see her lol. nice cameo though

you're a goob

that's high praise btw

Got me misty. A good kind of misty. 🥹

**** spoilers? ****

I stumbled onto this somrwhere else, an older version too. I thought i liked how... you added an option to turn down the ride home. But then I saw you really didn't, did you. was wondering how the mc gets drawn in without that, but that's the rub, huh? pretty railroady. is the illusion of choice sliding us into false ends going to be a recurring thing? 

**** spoilers ****

ayyy an update. glad you're still around. 

-that one person who was in the discord and brought up having family in bridge city

most major IF platforms support mobile for a reason. (twine, choiceofgames, ink, even workarounds for renpy games thay dont native-support mobile). it'd be a nice chunk of the market you'd be catering to~

Hoping you keep mobile users in mind. 🙇‍♂️

We are rootin for ya, author-sama!

the oriface jam is like THE best jam name, and I thank you for letting me know it exists

tried on mobile, and the background swaps from white to black when one scrolls down to read. black text on a black bg soooo....

and then I see the choice buttons just fine way at the bottom lol

it's a super nice read but it feels like half a story. ambiguous endings are fine but

... I dunno, a bit abrupt for having so much up in the air still y'know? Ends on a bit of an uncertain-yet-somber vibe...

just my hot takes. nice touch adding timestamps when they swap to disc lol

humbly requesting a u.i. that jives on mobile. 🙇‍♂️

oh man that stanky uncanny valley off-ness only ai can manage? 🤣

No worries, I am glad you lot get something good out of it. 

I have had my parts bullied by catheter before though and uh... wouldn't recommend. To each their own. 🫣

i enjoyed it RIGHT UP UNTIL the "secret technique".

I have relatively recent experience with similar enough, when i was in the hospital. They said they could hear my shouts of pain from the halls, and i am no stranger to wacky pain. 💀 

Still a nice read!


You're very welcome. It's hard to velieve the subjtects/topics and care with which you portray them could br anything BUT personal. 😌

 💜😌 kindof-rant incoming, but shamelessly posting it anyways because I am very much in the (assumed) target audience of dorky folk in a certain age range? maybe? so yknow, biased AF.

From the active choice to develope as what is essentially a Gameboy game, to the inclusion of meme easter eggs that, even we folk were jamming to when fresh, were half forgotten and out of mind for... maybe years(?) before seeing again here (in glorious 8-bit!), to the endearing characters and dialog it's mega clear you poured a lot of what you love, of yourselves into this, and can't wait to play any more you put out. Definitely stalking your itch dev page for future endeavors too.

Objectively well designed too. Puzzles felt just right, map layouts felt good, aethetics, etc.

I bet you fnife folks are p cool crew. 😎