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chick tracts? yikes. Haven't seen THAT monster featured in any games before.

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D'awww you remembered that? t'weren't nothin! 😳

congrats on the release!

🥺 after a bit, upon moving on the map.

rad! that'd really all you need to be "mobile friendly" that I see so far, a little addition that would open up your target player base by a lot! thanks for answering too!

yeah. i was actually going to play this. hardly seems worth it now

Could you implement some sort of scrolling for the textbox? it ran fine (and I quite enjoyed it!) on my phone, but the screen resolution had the u.i  a bit smooshed together, so a couple of the longer blocks of dialogue were cut off at the bottom by the list of reply choices.

ooo neat another great lookin gaycrime IF let me just...

oh... space or enter? *confused phone-user noises*

wow. that was wild.

That second screenshot might be a bit too spicy for itch staff, i mean the content is fine but they frown on it being in screenshots quite like that I suspect.

Haaaa wow. underrated comment. Thanks for the chuckles. 🤣

possibly a thing you can fix?

It displays and runs fine on mobile browsers until you need to enter text. nothing I do can seem to prompt the keyboard to pop up and can't proceed without a name. 

it's wanderer not wonderer...

chrome mobile and android. up to date s20

Didn't have the "this game was not meant to run on your device" thing, so tried on my phone. Title and menus and U.I. load up fine, but everything else is pure black. 🤔

A masterful small story. Not for everyone and hard to pin down how it makes me think or feel but it DOES. Powerful. Thanks for the nice read. 😌

waaaagh android version!?


"3 dargon-girls"!? that's like... more than two!

new BPH storytimes? Today is a good day!

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A most excellent demo, looking forward to more! Found 2 typos but only remember one... ugh. sorry.

"Levi would definitelt think the latter."

Better self indulgent fanfic well written with heart than a forced thing the author just hopes someone likes because they sure don't. 

You do you. It was good. 👍

Good taste AND a fellow 'whatever'? Be still, my beating heart!

Thanks for the prompt and full answer! I am curious to see if that... particular story works sfw. I don't see it but you'll prove me wrong I am sure.

ph this looks rad. love the lil worm jazz friend

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more game from lilrat? lovin it already!

EDIT: In their first post, reading it over before making it live, there's an instance where I'm ought to be I've. Unless the typo is intentional as in it's one Marcus makes👀

I highly recommend, for inspiration on direction, looking into the Tex Murphey series, and if you haven't(please say you have!) "sam and max hit the road".

👊-respek-nuckles one nb to another

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what will set this apart from the other individual released games/stories? aside from packing them together.

far out 👍

excellent taste in sketchbook! I bet the contents are good too

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i second this question: android?


glad to see it's still being worked on!

i can dig it

while youre diving into learning and all... could i convince you into releasing for android? worth asking...🥺

space pirats and zombies? now with less pirates and zombies, more building? cool cool.

i hope youre doing alright

I wish my computer worked this looks rad 😭

I am sorry to hear about your loss, truely.

Finding a cool way (game making!( to share your wonderful talents in art?

You KNOW you'd be doin her proud, as you probly always have. ❤️‍🩹

a tell on the classic rush-jumpy dog from castlevania-ish thing? youre being pretty generous there

I'd be down to help out with hammering down typos and grammar, maybe more later? I haven't started the IF yet but a fan of the genre. I get put off of investing myself early in one cause so many good ones go unfinished.

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glad youre still updating AND thinking of mobile users. ❤️‍🔥

edit: typos. third try to get 'thinking' spelled correctly