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Hi Pinktea, 

I love your games!

I'm currently very interested in the Elven Conquest games and my question in this regards would be if you are considering on making a part 3?

Best regards


Is it normal to have empty spaces in the gallery? To be precise there are spaces in the 1st,4th and 5th space.

Nice, Thank you! 

I have the same thing and I downloaded visual c from the Microsoft site so...

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I can't find the game on steam

way to grindy to farm coins for 1 pic

Nice Game! But I got a problem I can't get the 3rd Pic of the 5th page. I played the game so much now, but I just can't get it.

This is some real bullshit right there. Not only she teleports every fucking hit no she also blocks, spams and u have to hit the right timing with the right directions. What da Fuck do you even think human are? Not everyone is as coordinated with everything or can handle that much multitasking. Just bad because no of the developers gave a damn about the players only the ones that are good from the start. Thanks for nothing. Ptu

Very nice concept so please keep working on it, it just needs the bugs fixed.

Great Game and you are Working Solo. You have such a big Talent! Keep up the great Work i'll try to support you as good as I currently can.