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       Wheres the balls?

Aww thanks, glad you liked it even though its super unfinished and has a huge bunch of problems. :P

yeah i was going to do those things but honistly ran out of time, wasnt working at all 100% as i'm pritty ill right now so had no time to get sounds done and did the HowToPlay stuff after i posted the game so it didnt eat into development time.  Also just found out the words dont show when you time out or even hold when you finish the word so in short the game has a lot of super small problems that build up into an unplestent experience for players. super sorry about this.

(also doesn't help a bunch of people ignore my big bold sign that says to read the games page, but think thats mostly on me. i dont expect to have a high rating at all.)

Thanks, but mind if i ask what exactly you liked or disliked about the game?

Well done! not half bad score, best i got in development was 12 words.

Also does have a few errors/problems that might make it a bit hard for non-English speakers.

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Thanks for the review but unsure what you mean by "The keyboard controls are a bad idea." there where going to be mouse/touch controls but commented it out as the two control schemes where interfering with one another (picked keyboard as its far more stable).

And yes it was meant to show the word but due to a typo it does show it.... for one frame. the games made in 3 hours and had a fully custom rendering system for the LCD as well as 5537 words. i see why you hate it for that just know its fully coded in and have a build on its way to fix the problem as soon as voting ends (such a dumb error on my part).

PS: i don't know how you missed the black squares that come up when you get the word in the right positionwhen you where mashing the keyboard.

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you likely got the wrong word, the letter flashes black if its in the correct position.
Added this fact to the end of the  "HOW TO PLAY"  thing on the page.

Game super repetitive,
got bored after 529 so i let myself die.

Could have been much more fun if the patten was something more than go left / go right and if it had something more interesting going on.

I.... I have no idea as well...

Lovely little game, biggest problem is the lack of feedback to the player i would say, would be nice to just be able to tap to shoot the orbs into the center. also the sound effects are there scared the life out of me. 

But overall its a lovely idea just missing a lot of polish, actually one of the most fun games i played so far this TriJam even in  its unfinished state. Please keep working on this bit more work and your bound to have a winner.

You say underrated like we know the ratings, but hay if you mean reviews/comments i would love to get a few more constructive feedback on my game:

Yes i know it doesn't fully fit the theme, was going for a old classic game you would find on a tea-table or something. I will be slowly updating this game based on feedback I'm getting

I'll check your one out as soon as im done with work,
Feel free to check out my one, Love to know what ya'll think:

This is amazing, no idea how you could do something so dam good in such little time. <3

Oh and forgot to say that the higher the score the faster it gets, can go really fast if you get over 5,000-6,000 my highist is 12,000 but maybe i got less as i was working on the score code when i did, might make it faster at the start and base it off some curve if i do an updated build (something that i really should have put onto this build honestly.) feel like i really screwed this game up but at least glad you have fun. (just please dont take this qulity as the quality of work i normally produce)

yeah it really doesnt fit the theme, was more worried about makeing something fun than the theme but hte idea was a guy jumping between peizzas but had some weird trigonometry problems with the platforms so i focused on making it playable and said screw it to graphics. everything you see is all placeholder, its very much the odd one out when it comes to my games being so low qulity.


Yeah i more or less skipped the theme on this jam, had it all planned but ran out of time for graphics (mostly due to me adding features that really dont matter or even made the game worse) so its not clear what it is. was going to be a bunch of pizzas rotateing and a guy jumping between them. few i wouldn't finish anywhere near my stranded (that is alredy pretty low due to the jams time limits and im just getting over an illness) so i said "im not going to finish but at least i can make it so i post something fun."

yeah its not too clear is it, its set up so the closer you jump to the center (so the player is in the middle of the next tiles face) the higher you score. really should have skiped that stuff and focused on graphics or makeing it more clear, honestly feel like i didnt do as good as i should have done on this game, dont mind the idea though. might remake it even though its far from impressive as my other games its a good fun little thing i guess.

you uploaded the GameMakerStudio2 project not the game exe.

This is weirdly one of my favorite games I've played so far in this jam, honestly I was just going though the browser games and due to the fact you didn't have a cover for your game I was honestly expecting it to be pretty bad, but boy I was wrong. it might not look good but it has something charming about its simple cobbled together graphics that I weirdly like as well as the simple mechanics and love how they can steal your star and chase them around the stage. only thing i would say is maybe start the level zoomed out so you can see the path you want to take as you cant see much of the level when your playing.

But overall I'm surprised how much I like it despite its clear lack of polish.

Your very welcome <3

Ah~ forgot to update you on this, did a big update adding a new mode and menus and that has the updated controller with A/D controls added as alternative bindings. :3

ah that UI menu was made a few days after, should update the description. :P

Oh yes i'll add those controls on a little update, thats more or less a bunch of ideas people are giving me about it that are too small for there own update but its kinda turning into a bit of a bigger update (well big for updates for my games :P).

hay sorry, just about to post a build that fixes these problems, just noticed i commented some code out that locked the hardness, the more you play the harder it gets so it wouldn't get harder if you don't move.
It should be up when you get this. :3

Hope the new build fixes these problems. (Maybe i should start testing it fully works before uploading the build :P)

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Yep i know its enabled as a debug thing due to the fact i didnt fully trust the player to not get stuck, that as well as its fun and its just a tech demo.

I stated as much in the tech demos description.

hardly a game but would like to get some more opinions on my little tech demo if you are interested:

Happens to me as well, unsure on any fixes, if you find one please let me know. 

Thanks, its very War Of The Worlds like, shame i had 0 time to finish the game.

Unsure what you mean, the game only uses the mouse.

Thank you, decided to recorded and upload the music and upload it to YouTube as i was redoing the sound system in the game:

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it, hopefully you will see more from this little kitten. :3

Thats quite odd, been debugging that version. i'll be sure to work this out for the after jam version, hopefully it didn't tante your opinion of the game too much.

Havent heard of any of those bugs before, spent the last few hours tacking down bugs but never seen them before where you running the Mac/Linux build? those i havent tested yet.

ill give all of your games a go as soon as i can.
Here's mine:

Thanks glad you liked it, there are 85 levels in this demo build, was aiming for 80 due to the jam's name but added an extra 5 becouse why not... :P

Agreed, it was on the todo list but well, in these kinda jams something has to give and it ended up being too unstable to enabled in the release build of the game. but be sure it will be there in the after jam build, feel kinda bad for leavening such a crustal feature out of the game .
Eather way glad you liked this game, keep tuned in as i hope to do a retail version in a few weeks with a real story (hopefully at least).

Thought graphically it needs a lot of work on the user friendliness of it all this game is incredibly interesting and fun, you have to think completely differently to play this. Well done. <3

Quite honestly one of the best puzzlers i played in quite some time. if any game deserves to be in a chance of winning it would surely be yours. (PS: place keep working on it its already so lovely).