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Its good so we dont get cliffhangers but the waiting time might be a problem for those who really like reading chapters by chapters every month

I wanna play the new patch for Rune's route but the other me telling me to wait longer for more Rune time in the future. I like Rune and Alon and their opposite personalities and now we're getting Rune story but for Alon I expect his route to be the last cause he might be the reason of power cut and knows so much about relics so it makes sense to be the last route to avoid spoilers on other routes of what exactly happened that night. 

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Just some random suggestion, I really like playing this game but I cant 100% enjoy because I always get a headache later and worst sometimes it turn into migraine, the reason is I play on android and the text is too little for me to read which makes me dizzy until my eyes hurt and boom another headache. I'm probably the only one who's gonna ask this but can we have the text size a little bigger? I mean some dialogues there doesn't even occupied half of the text box so it may be possible, thanks :)

I already played it last year and got migraine so I uninstalled it then played it again last month then the same thing happened, I still want to play it but I don't want to play in exchange of few days of pain. :(

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The COR on stats menu will show your current Corruption but the lake's remaining usage are hidden and you need to remember how many Cor you purified on lake.

the lake can only remove 100 corruption if you already used them it wont remove anymore

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Please if anyone can help me Im a little confuse on the story, I dont know my main goal or is there even one, I dont know where and what to do, currently Im just fighting anyone then gain exp, please enlighten me on how to properly play the game

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I dont if its only me but in VN like this with multiple route I always stay on one and never replay the game for another route, Thats why I always go on one love interest VN and the reason I dont want is I feel like im doing wrong/cheating even just in VN XD but I gotta say I almost go for Jun route but I love dogs more than cats, Shoichi rules!!!

well hope you find some solution

you could try to find some terminology that means attack form/stance(a mode) and mobile form/stance(b mode) 

hey, there's a bit of mistype when the dingo and otter were using the simulation on first part of episode 3 or chapter 3, it should be transformed into mode-b but the dialogue are Mode-A. Your welcome 

Just tap the enter button on your keyboard or tap the name box again.

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Im here again but first about my last comment about having problem on download I found a way by using VPN so if anyone having a problem with download just hit on playstore to install vpn app.

And for the game, Im gonna be complete honest cause it wouldn't be a sincere comment if I just said some simple good words cause it will be just "compliment" and not comment that may or may not help for the projects (lmao)

So, so far its good and intriguing to where the story will lead you and how you're suppose to struggle on the plot but Im gonna be honest, somewhat or somehow I got bored and It really got me thinking why then I thought of things, for me(just me) I feel its very slow pace I dont know if its intentionally slow pace story or not but I really feel its too slow and maybe because of long narration of pov yet the development of the story is, well, slow. Also the fonts are a little too hard to focus, maybe the font style or the color or even the size. Despite of my complaints its a good story so far(im not finished reading it) and the visual illustration is good specially those comic-like visualization. Anyways for now Im gonna read something else and when I feel like it I'll definitely finish this game and comeback to comment on the full game. Love you all......

This game is good, the the dialogues are relatable specially those sarcastic replies and spencer's chromatic insomnia, actually its kinda funny playing an mc with insomnia on past midnight while having insomnia attack too. Anyway, its a good story and how it put its mystery are too good also making you on continuous loop of thinking about the conflict/problem of the story with little hint for foreshadowing and I like it that way. 

A very well written and animated visual novel to be honest, the flexibility for character costumization, choices and routes are wide that let the game replayable unlike others with on way route(not saying those vn arent good enough) it also gives you freedom whether how you will act with so much choices letting you feel you're actually making realistic actions and not limited by few answers that sometimes feels like you're controlled. Play it guys and you won't regret

Is it me or itch cant download or even show pictures right now since last few days

Base on review it sound a good VN but sadly theres no android :( , anyways have a nice day

/*cough* android *cough*/


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I dont know if it will spoil the game but my theory is Alon wants to take over the shelter base on what I read through his story:

Tried to steal key card

Knows how relics work (its actually forshadow right from the start when he says goodjob after putting a good pin code on the bomb and also the pistol thing on the last part)

He also said he wants something but the MC can't or wont understand his intention for now

Overall my thoery he knows what happened in the past maybe because he have some memories just like the side effects of turrets

Edit: also it forshadow alon's knowledge on relic on bath also theres maybe a chance that eye gem will be used as runes artificially eye 

One of the best so far, its entertaining and unique. I dont know what to say lmao I just dont see anything disappointing for me so far and some selfish request if you dont mind, I hope theres more flashback of the characters and I personally want Rune's barkstory and if possible a little enlightenment to Alon's dark barkstory, I dont mind recommending this game to my friends its just too good and also I like the to do list cause well most of players use walkthrough to find all ending and collectibles in the games.

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The art and story are great but the character's behavior or should I say the MC(Reader's Pov) is somewhat unrealistic for someone who's been transported somewhere with no memories, its so bothering how much important details he ignores because of his out of character behavior or attitude, If I hear voices I would have ask for advise especially to the shaman and learning I've somewhat can hear or speak all language I will be shocked despite of whats happening, its so funny and irritating how he easily dismiss things like a 9 year old boy. Ranok is in 20s and MC should be a few below or maybe older but doesn't change the fact that he should be mature than to his current behavior, its throwing off the whole story flow messed up. To be honest im more interested now in the conflicts of the tribe than reading MC's dumbness, overall I like the game except the MC

Better to leave an honest comment it might be somewhat negative but still it helps in improving the game :D