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You can't yet

Don't post your email on the internet, its a bad idea, trust me.

The extractor probably didn't open it on the same place the extractor is at. so have fun finding your desktop goose file!

Turn them off via the task manager or the stop.bat

Try using your pc's task manager to shut it off.
but i also kind of agree with yeeto.


I hope this will someday come on the app store so i can have a goose waddling around on my phone screan

I am so installing this when i'm home.

I like this cute little game. It has a interesting mechanic that i haven't seen used before.

I do think its a little too short though. even though the game has a fun idea, you could toy around with this waay more. i have no idea if its still a prototype or beta. but for now its really short.

It is on the other hand really fun to play and you have to use your thonker. and it isn't that hard either. Unless you have the iq of a inanimate object.

If i had to rate it, id give it a 7/10 :)