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A glorious tail of revenge, violence, and explosives. I had a great time overthrowing the Owlians and destroying their city and overall way of life.

Great game demo; excellent sound, art, smooth mechanics. Very short, but very good.

Horrific and ridiculous, I absolutely loved it!

A short game told in five brief psychedelic chapters with peculiar characters in beautifully absurd settings.

I wasn't able to beat it, but I had a lot of fun with it!

Honestly love the name change! I played the Toiletrooms and kept thinking "Bathrooms sounds so much more like Backrooms, wonder why they didn't go with that." So this is pretty cool to see, also that you're expanding. I had a lot of goofy fun before, hope this expansion project goes well. I hope now you have to find Mr. Goose to get his key, I liked Mr. Goose, he was a cool goose.


Nice little short creepy game.

Fun and creepy horror game.

Interesting concept and premise.

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I loved this, nice and creepy with creative puzzles.

Nice and creepy little game, well done.

I thought it was pretty interesting, I do wish the middle section was a little more lit up, but otherwise intriguing.

Finally I got to experience what it's like to not only be a snow person, but also a homicidal snow person that kills my fellow snow citizens in snow-ciety. Would definitely kill again.

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Amanda the Adventurer (who is in no way a knock off of Dora the Explorer) goes to the store, another store, and then goes home and everything is perfectly fine and not weird or homicidal at all.

It really makes you feel like you're in the Toiletrooms, definitely delivers what it promises.

I thought it was pretty interesting and it told it’s story well and concisely. I had fun with it and made a little gameplay video of it:

I thought this was great, nice setup, spooky atmosphere and had my own kind of fun playing it. Definitely look forward to the full game. If you’d like to see a brief play through you can do so here: 

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Short little creepy game exploring the woods. I had fun with it, as can be seen here:

Fun little spooky game. While relaxing with some malt liquor in the nude at your office, you decide to read a book on Satanism which is perfectly fine and normal until you realize your secretary Linda has been spending too much time in the bathroom. Find out what happens next! Also, I made a video playing it:

This game was quite short, but I personally liked it, very subtly creepy. If you'd like to see my playthrough, you can do so here: 

Played the full demo, rather intriguing, although mildly confusing at times, if you'd like to see my playthrough of the demo, you can do so here:

I didn't get too far in it, died A LOT, very creepy, definitely worth a try. If you'd like to see my failures, you can view them here: