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Definitely my favorite part of making this hahaha

Yeah apparently I didn't make the second room make any sense. You have to land the die in the black square on the floor, haha

And yes the movement sucks and is the first thing I'll update if I work more on this! Thanks for the feedback!

Apparently I didn't make it obvious that you roll the die INTO the black square on the ground in the second room, woops. And yeah the movement is trash but I ran outta time to fix it. XD

Oh now I remember reading that, I completely forgot about it!

Nifty game! Somehow though on my first turn I got a score of zero from 6-8-6, but I thought that would make 2 (6+8+6=20, 2+0=2)? Otherwise seemed to work fine!

Wow the panic at the end was real. 😂

Fun idea! I'd recommend using spacebar for jump and another key for shoot in the future, since many many games use space for jump and I kept hitting it out of habit, but otherwise it played well. :)

Nicely polished and that last level took me FOREVER but I got it! Fun little game~ Favorite part was accidentally tricking the die into jumping off the edge.

Thanks! Yeah movement is the next thing I'll fix if I keep working on it. 👍

Took me a minute to understand how the controls worked, but after that it was enjoyable. :D

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Fun idea! Got a 38 as my final score. I noticed the score in the upper corner can continue to rise after you're finished, though, if you're right next to more chess pieces. But overall an interesting play. :)

Thank you very much~! And thanks for the interest too. :3

Yes, just been a bit of a rough start to the year. Hoping to get back to it soon, but it seems every time I say that it gets jinxed lol

Thanks! Basically you're supposed to tap the spacebar when the cursor is over attack and defend, but it's a bit lacking in visual feedback, sorry!

Yeah the controls didn't end up working out quite like I wanted, aha. Thanks!

It would probably help to have a way to exit the game, and a health bar for the players. Also it took me a minute to figure out the control scheme. But it's very smooth and I like the aesthetic.

OH I figured out what happened! The mechanic where you get the ball back if you catch it again is carried over to the next level, so you have to catch the ball in order to be able to start the next level. If you don't catch it, it's gone forever.

Not sure if that's a mistake or intentional, but if it's intentional you should prevent it from loading the next level until the player catches the ball.

It appears that in starting a new level, sometimes the shoot button stops working. I got stuck on level 2 the first time and level 3 the second time... But it does seem like a cool idea beyond that!

... That is very not good. Let me do some research and see if I’ve done something wrong. Thanks for letting me know though!

Weeeeird. I'm not sure what to ask next, since I've not had that happen before, and don't know how to recreate it.

Maybe redownload it to a clean folder and see if it still has that issue? I hope it's something I can fix.


The dive-attack is on Left Shift, Right Mouse Button, and now X in the latest version. Make sure you are in the air when you use it! If that still doesn't work, I'm not sure what's wrong...

Hmm, there is a known bug where crouching on top of a ledge will make the sprite freak out, but I haven't noticed one from just stopping movement. Is it in specific places or just everywhere?

Left Control OR Left Mouse Button

It currently has no animation, so it doesn't show you that you are attacking. Sorry!

The controls and animations will be changing in the next update, though!

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Thanks for the comment!

The door was actually missing functionality completely, and is the first thing I fixed for the next update. That's the end of what there currently is though, and it just sends you back to the main menu for now. I want to fix all the quirks with movement before adding more levels.

All the visuals are still placeholders. The world will definitely not be endless cubes. XD

I'm still actually working out the keyboard controls, since I haven't really liked any of the setups I've tried so far (the text references the controller because I have those set in stone - it will explain both in the end).
Currently the options are WASD or arrow keys for movement, and Mouse Buttons (all three) or Ctrl/Alt/Shift for actions. I may try a WASD + JKL system next?

You probably were attacking and didn't know it because it doesn't yet have an animation, and it's easy to miss the enemies, since I recently realized I have the range set too low, so I'll be extending that and adding visual feedback as well.

His movement will probably be the hardest to balance. Unity's physics are wonky, but writing my own would also probably end up wonky. I'd like it to feel like parkour, eventually, but it's probably gonna take quite a few iterations to figure out. Tbh I kinda liked having him be a bit floaty, but it seems that most players don't enjoy that so far, so! Gonna reel that back for sure. XD

Thanks a bunch!

Okidoki, thanks!

Good to know! I’m still working on the physics, so I’ll change them up. Out of curiosity, are you using a keyboard or a controller?