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it involves certain thing on the wall

They are made from scratch; first concept art, then blender and zbrush, then hand drawn textures.


Make sure you have winrar or 7z installed if you downloaded it via the itch app

DearVR, despite the name, is not a VR-only plugin. It's for 3D audio with depth, used for more immersion. This is especially noticeable in the mystery girl voiced scene which has some "asmr" qualities to it.
It's good to hear the game can run without it though. But it's still better with it.

I'll check the saveload bug, but you have to inspect the slime puddle before you can leave.

Here and Steam.

There's only 1 download and it's for windows.
This is free.

Thanks <3

There's gonna be another public demo soon-ish. I can't give dates though :p

Nice! :D

You can pledge on Patreon to grab WIP builds.

There is also gonna be one more public demo.

You will but that pack is missing the latest build.

You should get it on Patreon that accepts paypal now.

I'm still gonna upload public demos and sell the finished product here but since there's no way to add stuff to the existing pack it's kind of a hassle to keep it updated here on

Probably not a good idea to upload that kind of uncensored gameplay on youtube :p
And thanks!

Thanks man!
About referals, yeah they are very helpul. I get a lot of referals from other H-games on too.

You need a regular fish to progress, not a rare one.

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The save of demo 1 is useless for future versions but it's stored in users/(your user)/AppData/LocalLow/by redamz

I don't think so, the game uses mouse cursor too extensively and I don't think the time investment of adding some awkward controller support is worth it considering the game is designed to be playable with one hand in lewd scenes.

Maybe I'll add support for VR controllers though.

I don't have access to a Rift or a Vive but I tried some scenes on Gear VR and yes, it works pretty great.

Don't expect full version too soon though...

No new demo yet, only a couple extra lewd scenes on patreon (that will be part of demo 2).

Thanks man!

I don't think I need crowdfunding beyond Patreon. I'm doing fine.

Maybe if people want something fancy like multi language VA I'll throw a sneaky indiegogo before release but otherwise is not needed.

It's possible that I put a censored version there AFTER release.


And no worries!

All the files you need are inside the zip, you have to extract all of them inside the same folder. If it says it's corrupted then try downloading it again but I think that most likely the issue is that you are trying to launch the executable from the zip file itself.

There should be an output.log inside the game's folder (inside MGI_Data I think) You can try sending me that.

Windows 10?


Did you unzip all the files into the same folder?

Thanks for the input. I'll add a mouse sensibility option in the next build.

I increased the movement speed a bit. Not too much since i don't want the movement to feel like Unreal Tournament either, but it should feel much better now.

Sorry guys, I was uploading a new version with some minor bug fixes and hopefully most typos corrected.