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Wonderful visual style, solid mechanics with a ton of polish, cohesive world with a neat little story. I'm excited for what you make next!

No worries, Jax. For context: I had one month to make this game start-to-finish. I had a good idea for a real story but it was waaaay too big to do everything within one month, so I decided to model a few environments, code most of the mechanics, and then add a little flavor text when you interact with things. It wasn't until the final day that I decided to add an ending, and I went with something silly. I don't particularly like jump scares, though I guess I could have done that rather than the "Congrats! You're in hell!" message.

Try Hollow Head ( for some good scares, or Lost in the Backrooms ( or Albion ( for some really great atmospheric horror. Sleep Cycles ( also has a great atmosphere, but the platforming can be frustrating (which is very appropriate for a PS1 3D platformer). All these games are a lot longer than mine and are really good. I haven't gotten around to playing the other games from the jam, but check them out here:

I'm really interested in Groaning Steal, Two Atmospheric Atrocities, and Please.

Have you ever heard the expression "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't send someone your video calling their game 'so stupid' multiple times"?

Great visual style, I especially love the water

Oh my god, this is so good! I was really impressed by the level design, especially at the first generator. I also felt like I was going around in circles for a few minutes, but never got to a place I had been before, so it was really disorienting. Great atmosphere, great visual aesthetic and color palette, and the texture on the red stuff is perfect. Great job!