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Is it censored?

or the other dorm

Similar to the comment before me it would be cool if npcs would also get punished in the lewd bets, like the video games in the langue area.

By mistake i don t mean that i don t like it, i do because i played previus version, but for a new player downloading this version it might be a bad experience because it just has less content than the old one, shower events for example.

I feel like opening this alpha was a mistake

it should drop today for patreons, its in a dev post

try ai and and clothing opion diplayed over ai generated characters

are you planing on adding grapics of any kind like in DOL or something simpler ?

I think only by apearence change, but i might be wrong

also just lost 40min of gamplay by using unstuck... nice did it with a help of that, you will need it

spend like an 1h looking for cellar and failed, you need to do something with map design or isntructions

when will ayano and other not rncp will get uncensored version?

Is there any way/ or is it planed to let the player not use or turn off mind control thing?

I am suprised you are still active keep it up

I will help you people this is a demo that is why there is no new versions. You can play a new version just not from here.


When do you plan next update?

Are you warking on this game now or only ld?

Hello i haven t played the game in a while, how do i update ? or should i just play a new version and load old saves (i expect it will be buged) or should i just start a new game?

Same if you pay 300 it is buged i guess

Thanks for the response but i don t know what CG is. Do you mean scenes with not random npcs or what those it mean?

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Why are Ayano scenes censored? I mean the whole game is uncensored but not this main character? Is it for patrion only?