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it ain't going to slide down easy if it ain't cheesy 馃

This was so cute!!!

Hilarious game that helped me with my typing. I particularly loved the song choices with all the rock puns. Great job!


I am having a lot of fun trying to get all my times under a minute. So close!

Those sea monster things at lvl 10 make it so hard lol! Had fun :-)

that worked. thanks!!

I clearly have 10 different kinds of chickens, but that objective won't clear. Additionally, I don't know how to unlock the rainbow chicken. Help?

so fun!

I grew up with WarioWare so I love this game style. My high score is 38 so far!

This was so fun. I appreciate the gradual spike in difficulty and the pacing of adding new mechanics. The art and music were great, too.


I liked the option to skip the negative stuff in favor of a positive work environment. Only the best for my stick people!

The mouse was very hard to control; I had to keep resetting my position. My other main issue was that, at the end, I could not figure out where the wife was, and I thought I was supposed to use the key on the safe or shoot the lock. It took a while, but I managed to beat it. I brute forced my way through it because the story was a good one with an important message. Plus, the visuals were nice! 

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The "it's no one's fault but my own" line really struck me. If I could tell my past traumatized self anything, it's that the terrible things that happened, the unfortunate circumstances that you were born in and find yourself in later, are not your fault. You are worthy of love and respect! 

Got stuck on the level that introduces the possession function (E). I tried turning on the magnet and then letting it pick up the electric-looking substance from the balloon (?) but nothing happened. I have no idea what is going on in that level or what the blue orbs are. 

Very cute! Question though: is there something we can do with the quarters besides give them to the nerdy kid? I avoided that and then had 11 at the end of the game.

i got caught inside a wall and slid down beneath the map, it was hilarious. it's such a cozy game despite the time crunch.

so cute!! would love an in-depth crime mystery game in this style.

So much fun! Around the half-hour mark, my game was freaking out from all the activity. It appeared that something came out of nowhere and killed me & then I got a Stage Complete screen. What happened?  Thanks for the awesome game.

cute game! kinda wish there was a pause button but I guess it becomes a stamina challenge without it haha

I really like the concept and hope you can add more levels some day!

This game was nice and chill. I appreciate that I could play at my own pace while relaxing music plays.

This is so cute!! My toxic trait is thinking i can perfectly recreate the masterpieces /j. 

Assuming that the white "welcome" screen is the end of the game:

It definitely needs a "the end" text or a fade to black and restart to let us know that the game is over.

says a lot about society

I got to the ballpit level, and the balls kept getting caught below the playpen and would not come out. Additionally, objects can easily get stuck in the elevators. I think it would be more fun if the controls and boundaries were more defined.

I jumped near the fence near the cliffs & ended up on the other side. There's an invisible wall that keeps me from jumping back over the fence, so I will probably have to restart.

This is coming along nicely! I will just say that the perspective shift to Dima's POV is a bit abrupt and confusing. It could maybe be remedied with a transitional title card saying "Meanwhile, across town..." or something to signal that we aren't looking through Amelyn's eyes anymore. Looking forward to the update.

i made a fairy friend! cute game~

Ok that makes sense. Thank you!

Is there an end game? I've been playing for what feels like an hour, and the plant is huge with no signs of stopping. Also, I've gotten dozens of colorful dots that signal a "bonus" for color combos, but nothing seems to happen.