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Wow! Great to hear that you got such a good experience out of the game! Thank you for playing! :)

Thank you! It's great to hear you like it! :)

Hey! Thanks for asking! There are no specific 'special effect' scenes that are overly bright and/or flashing. However, the transitions between different scenes (e.g. between the menu and the game itself or between different scenes in the game) are quite abrupt. I don't know if this will be a problem for your friend. (I hope it won't be)

Thanks for playing and good to hear you're enjoying the game! :)

Thank you for playing! :) It's very gratifying to hear that people still enjoy the game and experience something when playing it :)

Thank you for your comment! :) Hope you had fun playing the game :)

Thank you! :)

Thank you for playing! :)

Thanks for playing! :)

Thank you very much for playing the game and posting a let's play! :D

I was *not* prepared for the musical adventure you turned this into but it was very enjoyable to watch! Had some laugh-out-loud moments as well. :D

"this game is absolutely delightful" *proceeds to walk into wall*

Thanks for playing! :)

Thank you for playing it! :) Good to hear you enjoyed it.

Thank you very much for playing!

Really cool that you make your own stuffed animals! I especially like the piggies made of different materials. Though I'm obliged to say I like the owls as well. :P


Ah that's great! I am planning to make more games, keep an eye out for them! :)

Good point! Thanks for playing! I hope it didn't spoil your experience too much.

Thank you for your kind words! :)

This has (most likely) now been fixed. Thanks again for reporting this issue. :)

Liked a video. :p Thanks for playing and creating the video! :)

Thanks! :)

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Ah okay! Thanks for the information. :) I'll post a reply here when we've found that bug. >:)

Oh no! I'm sorry! Thanks for reporting this. If it's not too much trouble, can you send me some information about your browser and what kind of computer/mac you're playing on? (Like, what model is it) I have a contact form on my website: (the e-mailaddress is optional)(I'm a bit wary about dropping e-mail addresses out in the open)

Also, if you send the lion/turtle/owl levels you had when the game crashed, I can reset the game to that point for you. If you want.

We're going to look into what caused this issue and I'll post an update when we've found it.

Thank you! :)

Thank you so much for playing! It was absolutely brilliant to watch you play the game!

It's up! Have fun! :)

Hi! Thanks for asking this. We are going to build for windows. After testing whether it works as intended, we will upload it here. :) We expect to upload this windows build today.

Yes! Rock and roll. (damn you actually missed an opportunity to  have rock 'n roll music... but I guess it wouldn't have been as good as the opera we're treated to now)

Alright. What I like about this game:

- the art and animations (really nicely done! The only improvement I see is that the keyboard letters are a bit too hightech to fit in)

- even though the gist of the game is its gameplay, there is still the story that also gets wrapped up with an ending screen after you've defeated the boss

- the complete combat system (both the rolling to engage and the keyboard letters within a certain timeframe) feels innovative, and I especially like it because the choice was made to make it like it is now instead of going for more standard alternatives such as 'press button to attack/shoot' and take enemies out that way. You have to look for a clear path where you can roll.

- that there is both music and soundeffects. Really adds to the game as a whole.

- the scoring + health system is nice because it is much easier to complete the game (because you get health refills) but it is still worth to try to not get hit when going for a high score

- small details (such as the fact that igor is brought into the screen by two hands) (btw, hands that place severed hands? That's severely disturbing. I don't use severed hands to look for keys. ... ... Well anyway.)

What I like a little less:

- you get hit quite easily when enemies come from below, even when it seems you're still in the clear.

- when exiting a successful fight, it's possible to immediately get hit by another enemy. Although this means you try to split enemies up and don't just roll into a group, it can feel a bit cheap.

All in all it's a really nice, complete little game. A winner for me!

... Can you believe I forgot to record my score a second time. It was somewhere in the 6000's though, I guess I was too embarrassed to remember it.

Ahhhh some good old boulder puzzles!

The game ended rather abruptly. I guess I finished it but it wasn't entirely clear.

I'm not quite sure what the added value of the limited sight was. It felt a bit more like exploring which matches the theme a bit but... I'm not sure. 

When removing that limited sight, you can make puzzles that are even more complex.

Also, there's this system where you can pass through certain squares but boulders can't. This is introduced quite nicely, but then nothing is really done with it. Also, it's hard to make out such a dark square on a dark background.

Still, it has boulder puzzling. Boulder puzzles are always good. Also, I like that you have a trail that you leave behind.

(comment contains spoilers)

I really like the combination of 2D and 3D art!

I like the dramatic buildup! I thought the reversal at the end was nice too.

Unfortunately I didn't catch that you can run using shift, so I wasn't aware of that in my first playthrough.  I managed to bug out of the gameover though by jumping at the moment I got caught.

Also, maybe I was playing to cautious but by just walking and switch the flashlight off and standing still whenever you hear a sound, it's quite easy to find all the clues.

But all in all it's a really nice and complete package! Enjoyed playing it for the few minutes it takes to play it. :)

After spending  20 minutes trying to get up the second staircase (with the box underneath the second step), I'm afraid I have to conclude the movement is a bit too slippery  which doesn't match too well with the platforming challenges you provide. I did get the first staircase after a while, but dang is it difficult to progress like this.

I like the way you combine exploration (which ties in with the theme very nicely) with platforming . It is fun to discover hidden boxes or pipes.

I do still want to finish it, but I get a bit nauseous when playing some first person view games (this happens with commercial games as well, so it's not something you can help), and this seems to be one of those games . Sorry!

It's still impressive that you managed to create a challenging little game in such a short time-span. Good job. :)

Really enjoyed the puns, the opera music and the severed hands. 

It's a pretty fun game with a nice artstyle and cool animations. I liked the humor as well. Great job! :)

I managed to score 11.201... No just kidding I forgot to look at the score. xd I'll be sure to play it a second time tomorrow though!

Ah great! We'll be sure to post there with updates then. :)

We ( and me) are participating! We just completed a brainstorm and have selected a concept! We'll be trying to complete it in one day. I'm curious about what we and everyone else is going to end up with! :D