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i can't i just delete all of them

not only in malta it happen in crete algiear and everywhere

@nicu i have a very annoying problems with aircraft carrier 

when an AI's ac shoot my plane the AI are stop move all of they unit and don't finish they turn 

please fix it.

@nicu please fix the sarlerno scenorio in uk it have too many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many  german 


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hardcore campaign

and can you explain me how to win fortress at bardia scernorio ? (i have no idea how to win this scernorio )


wtf is this ? land battleship ?


@nicu pavel when you will release a full version in android ?

I like this version :)

in operation lila scenario i can win

in 1 turns

spam a heavy thank/artillary and wipe out all german unit ( if you want to use an air power you should kill AA first )

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this is one of the save issue 

it not save a non-main faction unit 

and turn it into a f***ing german aa gun ]:(

The hardest campaign ever

or if it not have a road block just move to this crossmark 👇👇👇

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just keep defense and have all objective hex and wait until turn 15 and a reinforce unit will arrive ( red dot ) and it will have a roadblock ( red cross ) kill it and move the unit in to that position

i know but play i browser is good and stable than androin version in androin version it have more problems than browser 

it happen in archen map too


is it the behind enemy lines ?

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i also have some problems too when i win some scenorio and i save it in to my disk and when  i load that save it have the flak 38 add in my core unit even i don't buy it i don't know why but i hope they will fix this soon 

need more campaign!!!

and another campiagn :))

look like it a littel bit cheating 

also i finish another campiagn :D))

don't worry is just a bug  i exit  and re enter the game and my unit can cupture that hex 

ok i can fix it now(again!) and i have some fun 

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it's my game bug but i can fix it now( my second bug)

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sure we all need more and i have some idea of the new campaign like winter war, africa korp desert rat operation weserübung road to stalingrad etc. also add more prestige in early scenorio of das reich campaign Because it early scenorio it hard than another campaign even i play in operational difficulty

this three defence scenorio need to wait for new unit and a roadblock show up a than you kill the roadblock and walk in to roadblock hex and this scenorio have one turn for brillint victory

yes except rovstov/epsom defence and charnwood scenorio Because this                   


and i almost finish a leibstandarte campaign now :D

ok nicu pavel i fix it now and win some scenorio :)

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hey nicu pavel i can not win rovstov defence even i kill capture all soviet  unit and capture all soviet hax 

and tell me how to win this please (my first bug)