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I would die for this game,, I'm so hyped for this.

YOOO IM SO INTO THIS GAME!!! I'm living for the characters and the story and OMG THE UPDATE YOOO!! Amazing work truly I'm so excited for this holy shi

AHHHH IM SO EXCITED!! You put so much hard work into this I can't wait for the release :')!!

You will put it on in the outfit section once you have created it for the important client.

It works & It's amazing! Serious the detail you put in this game is so lovely. I love the new sound effects when selecting choices and even the slow scroll when changing background is such a nice touch. Your work is seriously amazing :,) 

For mac the program will not open in the 2.0 version only the 1.4 version still :( but I know the game is going to be great! You are doing great Celianna <3

I seriously can't wait!! Dimitri is such a sweetheart and I loved Neil's route so much omg the biggest heart vibes for that shy boy.