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No, we didn't cancel it and kept working for three years. And it's just released on Steam!

Obviously Inappropriate Content

Thanks! Will definitely try to finish this!

Fu k yeah!

Will try to finish this!

Thanks for you let's play video! Really happy to see you enjoyed it!

Thank you so much!

Hi! That sounds interesting, could you provide more detail? Did the Configuration Window open before entering the game? Did you manage to enter the game for at least once or the game never started? Have you tried other games which also made with Unity?

Thanks! Will definitely try to finish this!

Awesome, thanks! I like the ending haha

The guy in red running upside-down is the “supposed” bug, but I don’t remember there is any enemy keeps running to the left. It’s interesting... I will take a look haha

Awesome! Thanks for your playthrough video! Have a nice one!

GOOOOSH I have never imagined you will actually make it that quick! That's FCUKING AWESOME THANKS DUDE!

Thanks for your play through! Yes that was a bug which I never experienced in my game before. Really great comments, thank you!

Hey guys, the INSTALL button in the client is not working at the moment. Please download the game from the website instead.

Hi! I can't remember if there is an install button in game. Could you explain where did you find it? A screenshot would be great!