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Loved this! Very clean style. Keep it up! I also loved the humour in it. 

Thank you. I hope that you like it.

Thank you. I hope that you would like the full game also.

Don't worry. I am to.

Haha. Me either.

It has not been released yet. It's written on the page.

Thank you, your feedback has value! I try to work on it from time to time. Right now I will give it some rest until I know where to go with it.

Very cool. I did not know Coppercube. I will look into it. Always fun to know new programs! 

This was great. I love the clean VHS style. It is really well executed and i'm wondering what program you are using to create this game? It isn't UNITY. But it either is UNREAL Engine?

Thank you, a lot! I try to work on it from time to time. Right now I will give it some rest until I get enough feedback from the community. :) 

Thank you so much! Those are very kind words and I love them.

I don't think I will pick up the project again to expand on it tough... The thing I will expand upon is rather the knowledge I learned from making this. So stay tuned for more! And spread the word! Yours truly - D.

So much fun and really atmospheric! It has a lot of puppetcombo vibes... But I did not mind at all! Great job! <3

Thank you so much! :) I love the videos you people make! I try to watch each and every one of them taking notes of what I can do beter! :)

Thank you for beeing so nice! :) My next game will be less creepy but more interactive ;)

Thank you so much for downloading and playing. I appreciate the time you took for playing this.

Thank you so much for downloading and playing. :) I loved the video you've made!

It is 8 on a saturday morning here in Belgium. And I must say, reading words like yours fill my heart with joy. Thank u so much. I am working on something that is more interactive and takes note from previous releases... ;) I am trying to improve my skills as I go along. Have a wonderful time.

Thanks for the kind words. And suprise, suprise. It was me. I am involved. Only me. ;)

This game is wonderful and quite a stunning piece of craftmanship, patience and artistry. I wonder did you use Unity HDRP or is this all the build in pipeline? 

I like you. 

Still... thank you for playing. I took note of some of the things you said.

And I'm glad you did not regret it. 

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I love comments like these it is feedback that I am very passionate about! :) so big thanks also for taking your time to make the video.

Thank you sooooo much! I love the video! It means a lot to me.

Thanks for playing my game. And indeed it is a very sad story. I hope to grow and learn more as I go along the way. Since I think I could even deliver it better after a certain time. Thanks for taking the time to make a video!

Thank you so much! I took notes. After the holidays I will be working every weekend on an update. It will be worth while... Thanks for the nice video!

This is very stunning. It even made me feel "religious" in a certain way. The feeling of roaming life after death on a plain of sadness and lost hope, is just phenomenal in this short experience. Wonderful.

Thanks. That is so kind of you. I am very grateful. 

These days... you can never be cringe enough ;) 

Thank you for the nice comment I'm glad you liked the dolls.

Thanks for the reply. Your feedback is appreciated! I will work on an update where I try to fix some flaws (like the implementation of a brightness option ect...). Thanks for playing and calling it 'interesting'.

thank you for the nice comment. I will try to make  even more scary games next time!

Haha. Okay... Well I love the fact that you liked it :) I can't promise to make a less scary game next time ;)

Thank you for playing! I hope you enjoyed it! :)

Yes! Thanks so much. Stuff like this keeps me going. The interaction I have with my players is one of the most important elements out there! A lot of developers should keep their players close to their hearts. I try to do that. Thanks for the kind kind words. Realy.

Ow, now you just make me blush. Thanks so much for those kind supportive words.

Thanks for calling it interesting. That is very much appreciated. Thank you for the support.

Hi, thats a very nice video. I loved your playtrough and want to thank you for it! So thanks a lot! Greetings from D.

Hi there. I don't take anything you said personal. I like it ;) It is very nice to get feedback like this.
I have taken some notes and will think about some things people said. Feedback is very important!

Kind words and great comments. I always enjoy your videos. I hope your you tube channel grows very soon. Kind regards from the developer himself. D.

Wauw. That comment tough. 10 points for a mini review like that. Thank you so much!

Thanks so much that means a lot for me :)