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Hi peacelover! Thank you for the nice comment. I do have to admit that the conversion is not as good as it should be - there are certain aspects of the original that I neglected to account for (wall bounce, iirc).

I do seem to recall I was able to finish the game during testing, but that could also be a false memory :)

I think this game could benefit from an online version with a level editor like the original. I heard mr. Rosen had an idea about that, wonder if he still wants to move on with the idea. It's an intriguing thought.

 Thank you again, I have to check level 4 for inaccuracies.

Thank you for the comment, that really warms the heart!

Hey Ron! It does say Ron Rosen quite prominently I think. Great original game by the way, it was one of my favourites back in the 80's. :)

Thank you RogelioVR!

Hi RoboCoppi. Thank you for the comments. Unfortunately, there is no editor for this version. And it's only for Windows, I'm afraid. The opportunity is open for another dedicated developer, I guess :)

Hi! Thanks for this tool, it's getting better all the time. One little tweak I'd love to see is to have only one space between the opcode and data, instead of two. Great work, it works really well!

Hi BiceBob. Very strange. Nothing was removed, but just to be sure I downloaded it myself from here and tested it.

"Bruce Lee Classic 3p" is the original game, albeit with an optional 3 player option. Maybe that caused some confusion. Hope that helps!

Did you get it working? Crossing fingers.

Thank you for the kind comments! Happy Bruced-Up holidays :)

Thank you cbernard! The game has been on my mind since, 1985 I think it was, and I'm proud to carry the torch :)

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Hi! Sorry, I have no idea what happened here. Anyway, it has been re-instated. The zip contains a CRT and a D64 file. Let me know what you think! Thanks.

Thanks Runstop73. This old digital heart warms up hearing you enjoyed it!

Thanks Hayesmaker, really appreciated!

Hi. Want to try this, but is there any reason this needs admin access? Is it possible to get a "zip" version that I can install manually?

Thanks for the kind comments!

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Awesome! I added it as a download!

Thank you, that takes a load off my shoulders :) Hope you enjoy it!

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Hi! Only Classic, or any other file as well? Thank you for reporting. I updated the d64, hopefully it works better. Please confirm if you have the time.

Files updated: Fixed a bug in Bruce Classic where lives suddenly went to 0. Fixed a bug in ROF+ where game froze if button hit in demo mode.

I kind of missed this post. Yes, I used Tiled to create the maps.

Hi Marcel,

Sounds like a good idea! Permission granted

I'd love to play it, give me a heads up when it's ready :)



Hi Marc! Thank you for your kind comments. Yes, indeed - in my opinion it's the gameplay that makes the game Bruce. Any tampering would be disrespectful. :)

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All characters can have CPU or joystick 1-4, but Bruce can of course not be CPU controlled. Ignore that, and it could be classified as simply laziness on my part. :)

We're happy you like it :)

You and me both!

Thank you for the nice review!

Thank you! Yes, that's true, there is one difference: In the original game, Yamo and the Ninja just waited for Bruce if he was above them. In this one, I opted to let them roam free, increasing the chances that they'll respawn near him.

Thank you for the feedback. I didn't want to mess with the sprites or the characters' modus operandi, which is why there's no splats. The continue option is really for up and coming gamers, not hardcore old-timers. :)

That's lovely to hear, JJ - we're really happy that you enjoyed the game! Good luck in becoming a game designer - and maybe you'll even do some C64 games as well. :)

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Hi - DM me about this. Cheers!

Thanks. There are no plans for further development. Do you have a proposal? :)

Nice little wintery stroll. Thanks for making this :)

Thanks, that was pretty entertaining :)

Hi petruza, we loved it too on the C64 :) - We used Lua for the game logic, SDL 2 for input, rendering and audio, and a custom engine to bind it all together. Maps were done using Tiled.