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Very clear guidance for players to follow along the journey! The sound and different scenes work well together. I hope there will be more to explore in the vast forest in the future, like other houses or spaces to enter and solve puzzles!

The ingredient list is so interesting that reminds me of some magic movies I watched when I was a kid. The room design is really cool and you must put much effort in arranging that space. UI is very cute too. For future iterations, you can make an interactive magic list and adjust the distance when putting in the ingredients to the pot. 

It really feels like a professional game, the environment design and 3d modeling work very well together. I think the enemies with their animations enhances the gameplay very well. Looking forward to your future iterations and players can have more experiences running around and exploring!

The narrative and storytelling give this horror game so much depth and it's very well thought out. You made it super successful in sound design and the whole setting is so realistic that makes the horror game really immersive! I like that you even made different endings. In the future, you can improve the UI design to be more merged with the whole theme. Congrats!

I love your game and especially seeing the worldview of the cat is really unique and fun to play with. The movement is very smoothly handled, so it feels natural. The only thing to improve might be UI system, if you have more time.

I like the sound and visual color theme for the game. The setting is delicately designed and placed. I wish there is more hints and directions for me to play. Overall, very much enjoyed playing.

I like the design of the room space and the music adds tension. I wish the note on the table stayed longer to read for the player.

I like the vibe you created and every character coexists well with each other. The sound you added works very well and makes the game really immersive to play!

I enjoyed the sound design that goes very well with the game concept. The angle of the game as well as the interaction makes it immersive to navigate through, so it's very successful as an escape-room game!

My favorite game! The levels are designed so well and the signs are helpful. The collaborative style is very well thought! Overall, the game is very completed at a high-level.

Such an amazing game. The forest design is so impressive and it creates an immersive vibe to play with. The movements are smoothly done! very enjoyable!

Your ghost is so cute. I like how you designed the environment to contain this character. The functions and components all make sense to me, really like it.

Your visual style is so unique and it's very refreshing to play. The 2D graphic style makes the game world stands on its own very well. I like how you improve the attacking function later.

Such cute game! Very aesthetically pleasing. Also, I like the health bars on each of them. Maybe just improve the clustering of characters in the future. enjoy playing it.

I like the vibe you created and every character coexists well with each other. The sound you added works very well and makes the game really immersive to play!

really enjoy the visual style. it's a great idea that each level is two players, which avoids clustering. I like how two characters transform into the next two. Great idea!