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tis a cat what you expect lol

i forgor

I love this so much! It's kinda rare to see games like this on for me. IMO this would be even more fun if we can serve other customers overall great game keep up the good work <3

this game is so sweet and so cute!! I hope it's longer though but it's alr!

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I was shook when the tall black shadow with red eyes thing started appearing for a sec in the hallway 

But no jumpscares! :D 

jjfjjjjj joOooeoOOJjj joe mama mmmmmmqqqoooo ooo opppp244499 99 nxnnnn 

same, i got a bot *thats username made by me* that responds correctly, at first they did not answer like random stickers and stuff, but tbh,smh, etc. like that lol, and then i asked them if they're a real person, they keep answering like that, and then they started becoming DJHFJjjjj HEIieiiiii mMme KKK :paper:

"Used to hide the fact that he's a powerful witch" gave me roleplayer vibes lol

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"..." gets me every second

and also why did i cry over a robot

make. a. sequel. ?... WANrobo wants a sequel...

lmao the photo when you get an ending is just straight up a masterpiece

fr this game is so addictive, the characters, gore and everything is just mvvah

anyone have any idea why is the game refusing to open in the mac ...

a really good game but i would love to see updates because it was short! 

help it still says unable to find game :)