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Downloaded to try and windows decided to remove it since I found virus or something-

Alright, so I decided that I either am playing it wrong or that the jokers varients are actually surprisingly strong + helpful. And kinda just played through 26 bounties on two decks.

That aside. though. So, what are we supposed to actually do if the joker shows up in a lead?

I don't think so, no.

...Isn't this just I doubt it/Bullsh*t/Cheat with a different name?

Alright, tried out. The diamonds are surprisingly abundance. Is there a suggestion to shift in difficulty other than reducing distance?

Had to check something.
Do we always reshuffle all cards, even on player hands, at the end of the turn or not though?

And a first game made for the carta system. Nice! Good luck with the jam!

A few things are missing. So I figured to ask a bit.
- The people who busts no longer contributes to the pot? So, nothing's really stopping people from just busting themselves until they get a good hand then?
- Who starts the next rounds outside of Queen of Diamonds holder?

Hey there. I've made a PCIO file for this game in case someone wanted to run it on that site. Cheers [link]

This is. weird. Will give it a proper look

Interesting concept. But the mini hand size make the game feels really luck-based.

Please feel free to do so ^^

Hey there, I figured to make use of PCIO a little more and made a new file. Here you go![The Herd Updated.Pcio]

No rule book?

Interesting, but I really can't read russian >->

Ah, I see ^^. Thanks.

Were there meant to be a difference? The GM and the Guest PDFs are exactly the same.

I was surfing for popular physical games and uh

what the f

I see. I suppose I could give this whole thing a go promptly enough. Will let you know when I did get to it

unclear how the cards are even meant to leave the table >_>

What in the actual