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Hello, I just recently discovered FlowScape and it looks Truly Amazing!! Sadly I have not been able to try it out yet, BUT I'm hoping to remedy that tomorrow! The only current computer I have access too is an Old Junk Chromebook, but I'm getting a refurbished computer from a friend tomorrow(Most likely)! The reason I'm posting here now though is I have 2 major concerns!

First, it doesn't seem like there's been an update to the game in like nearly a year, and that's always worrisome(will it even still be running in another year, will it ever get new assets, and so on) ! I understand the world has been CRAZY for the last few months(even longer in Australia), but from what I've heard, this is a single person development team(I could be wrong), and I'd think being stuck at home because of this pandemic would make for the perfect time to work from home on this project/game/income source...just in order to bring a little more quality of life features(humans/humanoid figures) to it at least!

Being stuck at home is actually what has made me actively go looking for a program like this to use, and not just watching others use them on YouTube! So I'm curious if there will be Anything added to FlowScape anytime soon(like within 3 months, even 6 months), and will it remain operational for the foreseeable future(years)?

From what I've seen it really Only Desperately Needs "humanoids" added to the assets! Even just some generic posed figures(sitting, standing, walking, running), maybe with a few hair, color, outfit options. Now, I believe there is an option to add in assets(again I could be wrong), but "all in one" is always preferred imo! Especially since I can't draw to save my life, and I'm not familiar/technically advanced with any 3D modeling tools! :(

Secondly, I have to ask about the memory requirements! I'm no "tech guy"(maybe someday), but I'm not a complete noob either. So I'm wondering why the Windows 10 version requires 12 GB Ram, and why it's 3 times the requirement Windows 7 has, (4 GB)? Especially when even games like World of Warcraft only require 8 GB, which also happens to be what usually comes with most decent off the shelf computers(well 4 GB to 8 GB).

I only ask because on quite a few of the videos I've watched about FlowScape, which granted are mostly 6+ months or older :(, a lot of people say they have glitching issues and even problems like sudden shutdowns and such! So I'm wondering if that large requirement has anything to do with it(forcing us to save often so we don't lose our work for example), And "IF" 12 GB is Truly required to run it, or can it run on a 8 GB or possibly even a 4 GB Ram(like Widows 7 says)?

I mean No disrespect or anything, I just want to make sure the computer I'm likely getting will run FlowScape, or if I should wait until I move(after this pandemic)...which is when I'm buying a new proper gaming computer! Which does bring up one more question. If I buy FlowScape now will I be able to download it on multiple computers(once I get my gaming computer), or is it locked to just one download on just one device? Thanks!

And Thanks for making it to the end of my long post! :)