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yeah id love either a steam key or the extra content added to itch as well since otherwise id have to buy the game again!

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Impressions so far

-programmer art beloved
-the entire game's dimensions scale when i resize the window? not ideal but very funny to see the whole of the game's assets squished

-the colors that have been picked can be difficult to distinguish elements somewhat, i would honestly recommend grayscale for your temp artwork

evo simulation

-the concept is definitely fascinating but so far i like the idea a lot more than the execution, the whole miche thing is very cool to look at
-granted i'd like to see what species came from which because it is seemingly random at this point and tough to get real information out of?
-not sure if i'm a fan of the buttons switching places it's kinda confusing

bug game?

-the adventure game ish bug section honestly shows much more promise to me especially in a game sense
-there doesn't seem to be much to it, but what is is functional
-i do find it tedious to click the movement button several times
-i would perhaps like an actual proper hunger bar in the future as text is a tad vague

so far the video you put out is perhaps much more interesting than the game, though a couple things are neat, so i'd recommend maybe finishing it more before making big life judgements like 'should i pivot my career' on it since i don't yet Know if this has enough going for it yet

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Upsettingly effective sticker shop running propaganda 10/10

Would really love some more wrapping/filling options tbh, towards the end you are kind of swimming in way too much money with not a lot to spend it on besides candy

maybe buying ad campaigns for specific stickers so you can level up their elements quicker? just an idea

Would also really love a single click placement option for candy like the stickers since my hands love to complain about movements