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I got My Friends And I Were Granted Three Wishes By A Cat Goddess And I Swear I Got Distracted When My Turn Came Around from the Indie bundle for Palestinian Aid. I usually don't read novels, but it's extremely long title interests me, and I've decided to read My Friends And I Were Granted Three Wishes By A Cat Goddess And I Swear I Got Distracted When My Turn Came Around.

It's.... This brought me back to the first time I saw a role play forum. Okay so it's a bunch of people... taking a role of a character, no big deal. I decided to check out one of the ongoing role play. One of the roleplay had such fantastical story settings I myself have never imagined of. It's so out of this world!

Then... I saw the character sheets. Essays of extremely intricate and deep backstories of each character. These characters were obviously written by people that I don't even know, so I wouldn't know if their character reflects their real personality, they might be as well faking it! It's the first time I thought to myself that I can be whatever I want to be. I've never thought of being someone else before then! The amazing story settings, combined with the fantastical characters, makes my imagination go wild as I began to think of such possibilities. I even thought that these might be real, because I believed that "nothing is impossible" and "anything could happen".

This book, aptly named "My Friends And I Were Granted Three Wishes By A Cat Goddess And I Swear I Got Distracted When My Turn Came Around", evoked those aforementioned moments that was forgotten until now. The difference is that now my knowledge has vastly expanded, and I'm now a more rational person. Now, I wish I could be in that world, be... a Catperson™, but my present self would think that I'm batshit crazy for believing such an imaginary thing. Idk man, let's just hope that bioengineering becomes a reality in our lifetime and we can all be Catpersons™. Lol.

I also learned that the investment gains are capped, since public relation is capped at 100%. Since everything costs exponentially, this means that it's impossible to keep up with the game from investors' money alone. I gave up on playing the game after few in-game years waiting. The game also doesn't really go anywhere without mining asteroids, as I no longer receive new logs from this new way of playing.

So I guess the "mining and destroying the world" part really is the only intended way to play the game.

And for my feedback.... I got somewhat terrified (and a bit disturbed) when the gradual world change is also accompanied with the gradual "darker" music change. It really gets to me when that happens, all the way until the last stage of environment destruction! So I guess that musician of yours have accomplished their task on trying to stop me from "progressing" any further. Now I don't want to mine asteroids anymore lol.

The game also lacked the ability to save, but judging from the finite gameplay, I guess it's fine, since I don't plan on replaying the game anymore.

One last thing to note, change the splash screen. It's not even difficult to do that from Godot itself, so please do it in the future.

I ran out of asteroids :(

Since running out of asteroids are an inevitability (and mining them only makes the world a worse place), the only way you can progress this game indefinitely is by using the money gained from investors. The investors are pretty happy throwing money at you, even if you're doing absolutely nothing, so long as you give them at least 50% shares. At this point, you might as well rename the game to "Investors Inc."

Also, I managed to accrue 90% tax rate from deliberately not bribing politicians.

I guess the message of this game is that the only winning move is not to play.... Pretty unconventional mechanics for idle games.

Eight Equals D Tilde Less Than Three!

One of these rare games that uses the word "Fuck" literally!

WTF is this game? The rotation is not even symmetric and not even up to the SRS standard! Where's the Perfect Clear? Holding at row 20 tops out my game when there's enough space for the piece to spawn! Why can't we adjust our DAS and ARR?

And most importantly.... Why is there infinite movement limit?!

I demand this game to be taken down by TTC RIGHT NOW!!!

LOL nice game btw.

Took me like 10 retries to get all of them right. So, the first ending is the easiest because it precedes the other endings, while the third ending is the hardest because it gets preceded by the other endings. So each person falls under three types: Those who aren't fooled by your looks, those who are fooled, and those who didn't notice you. Identify which one is which to get your desired ending. That's your hint.