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Well you made us realise that more people probably had that question and never asked! As this is kinda core to what we do, we felt we had to push that out ASAP! So thank you and more to follow! 

Hi Dcneos, 

Via the link here, I tried to showcase how we handle that specifically: 

Hi Dcneos! 

If you mean like a short cut in the thread of eg: overworldmap => City map => District Map => Tavern Map => Underground Dungeon Map to skip to any of the places in that thread a ton faster, not currently. But it is an important addition to the release in the future! 

If you are talking about just generally making such a thread, the tool allows you to put markers down and upload a new map in there. You can chain multiple maps that way. We are currently editing a tutorial that explains how to do it but it is absolutely possible. 

Let me know if this answers your question, if not let us know! 

Best Regards,


Hi elshaeversharp, this is correct! We were running out of time for the prototype and decided we'd just launch it that way! In our final product we'll add a calendar that allows you to keep track of important events as well as rename all of the months and days! We're internally experimenting with ideas around expanding this even further! Do let us know what ideas you have! The clock is also not exactly working the exact way we want today! So do keep in mind that our current product is just a prototype to give testers an idea of what we're trying to build instead of a finished product! 

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Greetings, Architects!

We are working on a tutorial of all the features, those will be added to the list as needed! Link below: 

The pinned tweet on our profile gives you a summary on how to download and launch our Alpha with added gifs. We'll include a text-only post Below!

  1. Once you’ve finished downloading, head over to the compressed .rar file and extract it. 
  2. Open the folder and launch Realm Architect.exe. This will open up the toolkit in full screen. If you’re on dual monitors it will be duplicated with only the primary monitor being active and clickable. While it will make sense later on, it’s still an alpha version after all.
  3. Clicking on the New Campaign button will give you the option to put in a title, a thumbnail and a Starter map. For convenience purposes, we included a Tutorial map, which can be found in the Realm Architect folder you’ve just extracted.
  4. Click Create and next thing you know, you’ve entered your very first Realm! Located in the left upper side are our PC tokens. Making one and clicking it will place it on the map. Easy peasy!
  5. Right clicking will rotate your vision cone. That's right, Fog of War shenanigans! Adjusting your size can be done as well, but we'll leave that for another tutorial.
  6. Remember your second screen being duplicated? Use your primary screen to act as a virtual DM screen and the other one to broadcast to your players! Toggle the view with the button in the bottom right. 

Hi there, 

This is intentional! Imagine you are sharing your screen over discord, you don't want your players to see the same screen as you do. 

Monitor 1 as defined by your pc is what we call your DM screen it is basically your virtual DM screen where you have access to all the information you'd normally have at the tabletop. Monitor 2 as defined by the settings of you pc is what you show your players. 

This way, you never accidentally show too much.

However currently we are in our Pre Alpha phase of the project so there's no setting that turns it off on startup! It is done automatically.

Hope this helps! 

Best Regards,


RA team

Tell us what to put into it!

Happy to have you all here to test out the Realm Architect Prototype.

Feel free to use this thread to discuss features you're missing!

Alternatively, feel free to submit a feedback ticket on our Discord Server!


The Realm Architect team

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Behold! Loremasters, Dungeon keepers, Masters of the game.

Happy to have you all here to test out the Realm Architect Prototype.

Feel free to use this forum to discuss things you encounter, during your exploration tour! 

Alternatively, feel free to submit a feedback ticket on our Discord Server!


The Realm Architect team