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Lovely, with great presentation.  

If anything, I felt the dialogue went on a bit over-long, with the protagonist repeatedly failing to grasp the point of their conversation and resetting every time a new animal appeared.  But that's just a small annoyance with a lovely bit of art.

This aesthetic is absolutely lovely, both the pixel art perspective imposed over 3D models, and the background atmospheric design.  I'd love to see a more polished/complete game sporting this look, and will keep an eye out for your next project.   A+ on visuals and atmosphere.  It's nice to see the influence of Sander Cohen live on.

This is something special.  I love the animations and aesthetic design, everything is just smooth and fun.

Now I just need to figure out how to get friends to play locally on my computer with me.

Ouch! That absolutely sucks. I'll side load it in!

Hey!  Not finding this on Google Play at the moment.