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You should include a license file in the zip files.

These assets are for personal-use only. Lame!

Thanks for the heads-up.

Please add license info to this page and to the zip file.

Please add a license info to the page and to the zip file.

The Youtube video showing the animations is perfectly done. Great job.

Please add license info to the page and, ideally, to the zip file.

You should add the license info to the page (and, ideally, s r to the zip file).

You should always include 45-degree angle tiles, for ramps.

Actually, at the risk of being annoying, it also needs a Jump animation. That would allow the NPC to clear gaps.

Good, because I think it needs it. Think about it, in a game, this NCP would be walking about when not in alert mode. It would be weird for the NCP to move via running when there's nothing going on. You'll want running to be triggered only when the player has aggro'ed it. I'll keep an eye out when you've added the walk animations. Thanks for replying.

This is cool, but feels like it's missing a walking animation.

perfect. thanks.