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Hi, I see that I can get MiniFX for free if I own either Pixel FX Designer, Juice FX or Smear FX. 

Now I own not only those, but also  PixaTool and VecMaker (both PixaTool and VecMaker I own on

However, I own Pixel FX Designer, Juice FX and Smear FX on Steam. Am I still qualified for a free MiniFX copy?

Hi there, thank you for the cool tool

Is there any chance a version independent of Dropbox can see light soon?

Keep the good work up!

Hi, nice tool

For some reason my application (the official client application of does not pick up that there is a new update for this tool for some reason



Thanks for the nice reply! I do not really want to make a long list or something. I think any popular image format accepted by popular engines like Unity, Unreal will do the trick. If you are not sure, I think PNG (for transparency support), JPG (for different compression levels) and may be GIF (just for fun purposes). 

Again, I am not asking for anything in particular, I just thought it would be nice to have those. If you want to stick to only one format, then may be PNG is the best candidate here.

Thanks and good luck

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Hi, thanks for this nice and useful tool. It can be more useful if there is an export feature like a sprite sheet  animation or something as this will allow it to be pipe-lined into game prototyping/developing. Thanks! 

Thanks mate for this helpful tool, wish you the best of luck!

I am not sure how to run this on Windows; it seems a Mac package. Even though it might be implemented using Unity as you said, there is no EXE file inside the package anywhere so I am not sure how to run it.