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Fantastic game! Cheesy in a good way, and far more comprehensive than I thought it'd be with some decent little puzzles. It was the perfect length, and I enjoyed the main ending! Going to get the secret when I have a chance (now that I've looked at the guide and know I can play it in fullscreen). The characters grew on me fast, too! Very wholesome all around. Low-stress. Interesting worldbuilding. Thank you for creating and sharing this!

Loved the demo!The art is super neat and the story is intriguing. Quality stuff, dude! Can't wait for the full release!

That was... oddly touching??  I loved it to death! The premise was cute and silly, and the point-and-click element was refreshing and fun. Loved the art, especially the Dr. and Igg's character design! And the backgrounds... and all the humor was neat. Everything was neat tbh. Amazing game! Thank you!

Each guard had such a distinct, lovable personality and I love them all. The backgrounds and character art were lovely, and the only real gripe is Koroviȼ's dialogue color! Such unique and fun character designs, too. Amazing game!

Wonderful art, and super cute premise. Your games are always a pleasure! The guy from the bar totally missed out, tbh.

Such a cute, fun, clever little game! And I absolutely adore the art style. Incredibly enjoyable, 10/10 would play again.

This is so cute! The characters are both very interesting, and there was a neat feeling of 'scale' almost, with a lot left unexplained. Which was good! The polish and art was amazing as well. Loved it!

Amazing little story! The character designs were so cute, and though the ending was bittersweet af, it was a wonderful read. Thank you!

That was so cute!! Short and sweet and perfect. Thank you! <3