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Reaction Zero

A member registered 11 days ago

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Makes me miss Silent Hill even more. Fun short horror experience.

A fun short horror experience for any horror fan.

That one jump scare got me good. Loved the atmosphere

. The middle was a little slow, but I did enjoy the focus on the story rather then jump scares.

Enjoyed this short demo and looking forward to full release. Already on wishlist for steam.

Loved the spin on prop hunt. Definitely looking forward to early access on steam to see what else is in store for this game.

Very Short, but really enjoyed it. Hope you continue creating this game. The door could literally lead to anywhere.

Feed Me Billy was by far my favorite. Very disturbing, gross and set a great atmosphere for horror fans. Thank You

Man I miss classic PS1 titles. This brings back memories. Would love to see this game continue it's story some day.

Man I hope you continue making games. This was truly a excellent use of atmosphere for a horror game.


One trip of a game. I thoroughly enjoyed this game. Looking forward to the finished product.