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Reaction Zero

A member registered May 14, 2020

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Love the atmosphere, jump scares (could be louder) and overall creepy vibes. I can't wait to see more from you. Thanks for the awesome short game. 

This game has some good potential. I loved the set up for the story and the graphics. It also has good atmosphere, multiple branching paths, decent voice acting and good sound effects. I'm definitely looking forward to the full game.

Loved the demo and added to my steam wishlist. Good atmosphere, eerie story the feels similar to Silent Hill and fun gameplay. Definitely looking forward to the finished product and more to come from you guys. Great demo.

Great atmosphere and pacing for a demo. my god was it loud, but it made me way more tense lol. Looking forward to the full game. Keep up the amazing work! 

I'm still confused on the purpose of the lab, but still enjoyed the game. Great atmosphere, overall creepiness and jump scares.  As always I continue to look forward for more content for Lost Bullet. Thanks for creating.

Love the Silent Hill vibe. Great atmosphere, jump scares, overall creepy feel, story and fun gameplay mechanics. You don't see collectibles much especially in itch games. Love that touch adding replay ability to this game.

Loved the nostalgia feel of John Carpenter's The Thing. Great pacing, short story and creepy atmosphere. Definitely on the look out for more content from you. Thanks.

Loved Tender so I knew this would be good. I know it's a demo episode, but wish it was longer. Loved the atmosphere and mini story. Would of loved to see more creepiness and jump scare potential though when the game is fully released.

A nice short yet realistic horror game. This was a pleasant surprise. I enjoyed the story, subtle creepiness and atmosphere. 

Great atmosphere, good short story and nice sound effects. This makes me miss Dead Space even more then I already do. Would love to see more from this game.

This reminded me of the 1960s xmas cartoons (Rudolph and Frost) where they open a book to tell a story with animations. Absolutely loved it. Some of the best voice acting I've heard on Itch. Such a great short game. Great short story, great classic art style and again the voice acting can't express that enough. definitely gained a follower.

Love me some good x-mas horror games. Nice short story, good pacing and creepy atmosphere. Fun game.

The humor itself makes this a must play. For a comedy horror game this is one of the best on itch. Loved it. Nice short story, good minor jump scares, great humor and good minor creepy vibes.

Loved this demo and looking forward to the full game. Beautiful graphics, creepy atmosphere, good jump scares and intriguing start to the story.

Always enjoy your games Bored Leviathan. Nice short story, creepiness and fun gameplay. 

Very short, but sweet. Nice small jump scares and short story to go with it.

Loved the short story. Would love to see more story regarding the Huldufolk fokelore.

Loved this short horror game. One of the best ghost games on itch IMO. Great atmosphere, uneasy tension throughout, good jump scares and voice acting which most game on itch does not have.

Loved this short horror game. The realistic nature of the game was awesome. Great atmosphere, creepy vibes, mini jump scares and overall experience. Looking forward from more content from you.

This was a wonderful idea. I truly would like to see a longer game of this to be honest.

Nice short horror experience. Good jump scares, creepy atmosphere and good linear progress without confusion on where to go or being too dark. 

Was not expecting much from this game, but omg was I surprised. I loved it. The goofy story, voice overs, funny moments and a horror section. A great Halloween game.

A great short horror experience. Great atmosphere, good story, uneasy presence throughout and a lingering mystery. Loved it. Highly recommend people play this. 

What a great short horror game! Great atmosphere, jump scares, overall creepiness, easy progression without feeling too lost and fun gameplay.  

shoot it's already out! Nice

Loved the short campaign demo. I'll definitely keep an eye out for full release of this game.

Loved Boxman's Struggle and Getting Over It even though they are rage inducing. This is no exception. LOVED IT!

Love the first person Silent Hill aspect. Definitely a game I want to see the full version of. Good atmosphere, nice short puzzles, jump scares and creepy noises. Great demo. 

lol your okay. I intentionally turn up headset volume to increase jump scare potential

my hyperx cloud's I fixed them though. The whole earphone snapped off. The monster going around the corner that fast and my volume turned up so loud got me. My initial reaction was to get the headset off my head. I accidently threw them hard on my table lol

Very nice scary game with a lingering deadly presence. At one point I actually broke my headset. Worth it lol 


Nice idea for a music video to increase viewership. Loved it and the message behind it. 

Great atmosphere, creepy vibes, puzzle elements and the thing I  really liked was the voice acting which you rarely see on itch. 

Loved this teaser. Great atmosphere, jump scares, small puzzles and story. Looking forward to final product.