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please do

We NEED a discord server.

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yep, i do agree, i will add more substance in a later update, the circling thing is a result of the enemies just chasing the player and not having an artificial intelligence, so ill definitely add that to the game

thanks for the feedback

The Enemy no longer homes the projectiles at you, so the game is easier now, way way easier

thank you, i am going to make the game easier

yeah, ill do that, thanks for the feedback

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Thank you, but I would give the credit to renegade kid for the atmosphere, as the assets used are renders of the models, and sound rips from the game (except the announcer voice, which was my friend simon)

no current way sadly, but im planning on fixing it, for now i would just use health pills, its because the projectiles are children of the arial hunters, since this is the case you could also kill the arial hunter before it hits you

Nexis speaking here, I love the idea of a dino game platformer, it feels like what would happen if mario and the dino game had a baby, the sprites fit the dino game very well.

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Are WebGL builds allowed?