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looks amazing!! I'm guessing this is 16x16?

awesome!! super excited :) All your stuff works amazingly well with my project.

Amazing! Thank you for sharing! Hope someday we can get some Dusk armors!

Beautiful!! Thank you for sharing!

Totally blown away! Looks awesome!

Very cute!! tyvm for selling :) 

Looks great! It would help if you could do a preview of the buff/debuff icons too!

Amazing job! :O

very cute! Thanks for sharing! I hope you decide to animate all of them :)

They look amazing!! Thank you for sharing! I especially like the ones with the weapons included in them.

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Beautiful! Thank you for posting! Could I also ask what font you use for the "Winter Land" title?

Awesome to see a new RPG worlds addition! Tyvm!

This is amazing! Thank you for sharing!!

This is great! We're looking for 4 way move & attack and 1 death frame. Would that be possible?!

How can I contact you? doesn't have direct messaging. Can you add twitter/fiverr to your profie?

Wow that's amazing!!! Any plans to do the sides and animations?

These looks amazing! Do you mind calling out the sprite size?

Amazing pixel art!! Thank you so much for sharing!

Hey great job this set looks awesome!

Minor request though, can you set the suggest price to be at the price where you get the zip file? Otherwise people will pay, but not get anything (like me :D). 

Wow this is totally stunning!! 

If I may, I think the biggest need from the next pack is rogue/theif type abilities. Vanish, stealth, blind, etc :) 

These are amazing! Thank you so much for selling them! Any plans for another pack?

beautiful work!

These look amazing! Do you mind including their native pixel sizes though?

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Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing! I'll definitely be using this once it's complete!

These are beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

Only comment I have is, would you mind specifying that they are naively 16x16 up scaled to 32x32? Thank you!

awesome effects! Thank you for sharing!

Wow that's an incredible amount of frames and work you've put into this! Well done.

looks beautiful!! Thank you for offering this up!

Amazing!! :D

Amazingly work! Thank you so much for sharing.

Beautiful! I hope you consider doing some 32x32 tilesets someday! (what my project uses :( ) 

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These are amazing!!! Thank you so much! 

Do you mind clarifying which tilesize this is meant for? (16x16,32x32)? It looks 16x16 but it's difficult to tell since the screenshots appear interpolated. Thanks!

very cute! Love it!