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I love this. Played for almost an hour, just couldn't stop! I would be interested to see this a bit more fleshed out. I also don't know if there's an ending, but I was deep into the fire zone when I died. Good work!

Day 4.5 (yesterday): Added enemies, pathfinding, line of sight and a simple AI. Enemy (white) will patrol a room (path is yellow) until it sees the player (red), upon which it will pursue the player. Breaking line of sight sends the enemy back to patrol. I realised after the fact that the enemy initially saw the player through the wall... back to work I guess

Day 3: Added walls, an entrance and an exit to the next level. Also added a controllable player character and turn-based movement (for now the "AI" just passes the turn after 0.2s). Tomorrow: adding enemies and AI

Day 2

Rewrote the whole generator algorithm, which now produces much cleaner-looking corridors and ensures all rooms are connected. It was incredibly frustrating because I kept encountering off-by-1 errors and slight misalignments of the grid, etc. Next step is to add a player, a movement system and some walls.

Started late, but here I am. Got some basic dungeons working, although some rooms are still left unconnected  sometimes. Not the best implementation of a dungeon generator since it was my first time doing a room+corridor setup and I'm figuring it out as I go. Going to call it a day and work on the wonky corridors tomorrow.

Yeah, I did. Still felt a bit slow :<

Movement is way too slow compared to the projectiles/beams. You're not actually dodging anything because it's almost impossible to tell where a beam is going to hit and because the hitbox is unclear. Even if you can see the beam coming, there's rarely enough time to move out of the way. Also I think the movement vector is not normalized (?)

Thanks for sharing this here!