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We can enjoy learning hiragana.

I thought the game was very high and amazing!

This gimmicks is interesting.

The production is amazing.

It is a little difficult for me. The game is interesting.

The game idea is interesting.

It is difficult for me. This game is interesting.

It is very interesting to learn about Japanese prefectures.

Sprite is nice.

It was an interesting game! But the needle was hard to see.

It was a very fun game. I thought the idea was good!

I was surprised that it was easy to climb without judgment from below and the movement is smooth!

The music is powerful and interesting. The graphics are cute and fun.

I thought it was very nice that the colors were separated. Very interesting!

It's a very interesting game. The operation is easy and the design is interesting.

Hello, I am kousuke

I am studying electronics 

My hobby is reading manga.

My favorite game is identityⅤ.

I will make a calculation game for this jam.